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  1. coasterfreak2010

    Son of Beast update

    Sorry in advance for the lack of forum experience or etiquette, but I thought you guys would appreciate this. That or it's old news, but I saw the Son of Beast run today. Hope for the ride?
  2. coasterfreak2010

    Halloween Haunt

    I was talking to a "scareactor," the lady who greets you at the entrance to Massacre Manor today, and she was telling me about how in previous years, the "family Friendly" kings island had a "family friendly" fearfest. Now, she said, with cedar fair and Halloween Haunt, it's going to be "R" rated. She mentioned "stripper vampires" in Club Blood, as well as some mazes with age restrictions. I was also walking past the International Showplace and saw rehearsal for a show, Dead Awakening. There were some very promiscuous moves, as well as this said at the website: "If you believe the world is a dark and evil place, then Dead Awakening will re-affirm that! This unique adult-oriented, contemporary horror and music video style show includes graphic scenes and disturbing activity as you witness a young lady’s gruesome nightmare unfold."
  3. coasterfreak2010

    Fear Fest 2007

    I thought a cool one would be cool for some huanted houses/trails in action zone. Even though there isn't much space to work with, they could maybe add some "scareactors" to the area around the ActionZone water tower. or even one through Timberwolf would be pretty cool.
  4. coasterfreak2010

    No more Winterfest

    I read in the Pulse Journal that after last Winter's low attendence to Wintefest, they have decided not to bring it back.
  5. coasterfreak2010

    Cedar Fair Purchases Paramount Parks

    Pki does need a makeover.