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  1. There will not be any changes to the park this year. I'd say that the themes will not change right off and if CF buys the rights, they could keep the logos and themes. Let's hope that the money goes into new rides and NOT changing the themes, signs, etc.
  2. I was just reading the comments about SF putting up rides in old parking lots. SFGAdv has also done this, but I can't say that I think that it looks bad. I think that the Kingda Ka area is beautiful. They are going to build a new resort behind Kingda Ka and I think that it will improve the look from their parking lot. Just sharing some thoughts.
  3. CF will have a hard time taking away the themes of the park. I'm not sure if they would buy rights to the Paramount theming or not. IF CF buys KI, I hope that they don't spend time/money changing the names of the rides, etc. If they have to do away with the Paramount logos, it may take a long time before a new ride is seen. Just a thought. Also, wouldn't all of you Ohio residence like the chance at an all inclusive season pass for KI, GL, and CP? I am planning a huge coaster tour for next summer and I know that I would love to have all three parks on one pass. Thoughts?
  4. I think that there's a definite advantage to CF keeping as many of the current themes as possible. This issue makes me wonder if they will look at buying out more Paramount parks? If they spend money to own the Paramount theme names, why not expand to other parks? However, when CF bought GL, they were forced to loose the Six Flags themes. Just throwing out a thought.
  5. Those pics are great. I have some early '80's pics that my parents have passed down to me from my childhood. I was born in 1972, so it was a great birthday for both of us. :D
  6. What about the themes that are at KI? Cedar Point has a different cast of characters than Kings Island. I would wonder if a lot of the initial changes that Cedar Point would make at KI would be theme changes? Hopefully they buy the rights and just keep the excellent theme rides at KI as they are, for the most part. It would be unfortunate if new rides were put on hold because CF had to spend so much money changing names and themes.
  7. Timberwolf is a very nice looking ampitheatre, but the music makes the venue. I remeber being very young and listening to Miami Sound Machine from the line. I guess that back then that was pretty much the top of pop music. :rolleyes:
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