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  1. voyage is better in back for me too.
  2. Normally I would agree with you Dan, but after riding Maverick at the point last monday night, I must now say that the Voyage is number 2 in my book, and Cedar Points 2007 thriller has won my hearts number one spot. Maverick is......top notch.....just when I thought nothing could beat the voyage.....along came Maverick. Gee, Ron, the Voyage only lasted about two weeks as your #1 :). Wow, I definately have to make CP plans now. Gotta love the Maxxpass
  3. kings Dominion has one too. The special effects actually work--that is sounds in the cars, working haedlights, etc.I've rode it and it really is better than Ki's. Ki's was the first , however.
  4. Copy the Voyage from Holiday World. If you haven't rode it, you haven't rode the best rollercoaster in the world.
  5. BeastDan


    Monsters were invented in 1962 per flatrides.com. This was a coney island carryover ride 9was in the park from the beginning in 1972). Honestly, I'd date it to the late 60's.
  6. Many people had to work the next day. Out of towners didn't want to get home too late prior to a school day
  7. vortex will be at KI for years to come, after all CF is celebrating 20 years of Vortex with beautiful nad tickling seat belts :blink:
  8. My favorite time to go toh KI was usually on a misty or rain day. My son got his first beast ride in a cool mist. I have ridden the SOB and got pelted by rain that felt like rocks in 42 degree weather. Rain on coasters is fun. Why did CF change the rain policy--no coasters will now run in the rain (or even slight drizzle?) Drop zone is ok in the rain but not a coaster (that thing is a 200 foot plus lightning rod!). I hope this policy change does not last. Coasters with magnetic breaks (the Beast) aren't affected by rain. If rain is in the forecast, I'm not going anymore. :(
  9. We got our shirts at 2 pm. You don't have to wait till six.
  10. I am sure they will get their act together. It's all the anticipation and four upset kids that got me kinda pi$$ed off. We'll go monday. Probably there won't be a delay. Forgot there were 3 supermans , but your facts aren't straight either ;), there are two more than you listed, super flight @ Playland Park (in NY) and also Flying coaster @ elich gardens in denver
  11. THEY WOULD NOT LET ANY EMPLOYEES RIDE IT IF THERE WAS ANY DOUBT OF THE RIDE'S SAFETY. If there was any doubt, the employees that rode should be concerned about the parks feelings toward their safety.The park would not let anyone ride if there was a doubt. This is my main gripe, that staff gor preference over patrons
  12. PLEAZZE!!!!! There are five flying coasters in the USA, this is not a new idea! This coaster is X-Flight, not a new coaster, not a new idea. Believe me, there would be no way if there was any doubt that if the harnasses opened, that the ride would even open or pass inspection!!! Please do not make out the park employees to be some kind of sacrificial guinea pig or test dummy. I just feel if a park employee can ride it, a person waiting 2 hours plus should too! I feel if the park says the ride will open on the 26th, when the doors open, the ride should run. I saw a guy from C
  13. We went to the park and waited behind the rope , made the mad run of the bulls and were about 60th in line. Then we were told the ride wouldn't open until noon or so .I wanted to ride other rides but we waited........... The ride was continually tested. Towards 11:30 or so, we even saw park employees riding it. They then got our hopes up by having us condense the line. Shortly thereafter, everyone started clapping but it was false hope. They then said thanks for your patience but it may be 5 minutes or five hours they weren't sure. It was hot in the line, I didn't bring sunscreen be
  14. I posted some changes on the 1 day thread , if you care to read them
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