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  1. I almost never eat at KI's food locations. I can't justify buying the dining plan for the quality of food there....now if Knott's offered one I probably would get it as their food is more tolerable. (their pizza I like way better than the watered cardboard pizza KI serves). I do love Knott's grilled chicken sandwiches though..yum. But then again...i just don't eat at all, lol. Everyone I know have tried to shove food down my throat at one point or another and to be frank just looking at the food at KI makes me want to yak up my spleen.
  2. Uhh...Raptor. Tho with my health issues as of late, I don't do a lot of coaster riding cause majority of them basically trigger migraines (steel coasters including)...so I prefer tamer rides now.
  3. I guess it just takes some getting used to. I for one pretty used to it now considering I work next door.
  4. I have a new hate for Premier Trains after being introduced to Manhattan Express.
  5. I've been to Cedar Point, Kings Island, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Universal and Dollywood...so almost half on that list. Of the those parks, Dollywood and Busch Garden's are the most deserving to be on such lists, imo. Cedar Point of the 90's, I'd probably agree as a awesome park. As time goes on now and more things being taken out of CP for more thrill rides, it's loosing its appeal to me. Kings Island just never appealed to me as a family park, not once, since around the mid 90s as people like my grandparents were usually pretty bored there. (CP was actually their favorite park before they
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