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  1. Yesterday Cedar Point had a water main break and had to shut down the park for this weekend.
  2. What Coaster do you prefer between the two? Mantis Or Raptor?
  3. Hey....I know Big Sexy From somewhere else, when did Big Sexy Get here?
  4. Yup It was Scobby Doo coaster or something, then It became the Beastie Which I always preferred and then it was called the Fairly Odd Coaster, then it was finally called Woodstock express when Cedar Fair Took Over.
  5. Well this was on my Facebook feed today.
  6. Well the big bad beast turns 35 this year! Kings island made a logo for it's 35th Anniversary, which looks great. Post your first memories of riding the beast in the past 35 years.
  7. Today the contest officialy starts. You have till Friday to enter one photo this week.
  8. I've decided this weekend we can do a practice run so here's my entry.
  9. http://kifansite.com...on-speaks-live/ The area under Banshee's station will mainly be the photo booth, with "some" souvenirs being sold there. The On Location building will have more Banshee merchandise. The KI maintenance team will do the actual assembly of the Banshee trains. Action Zone will have a new look. The park isn't saying any more than that until we're actually at the park next April. The "gift shop" (I don't understand if they mean Banshee's gift shop or the On Location store) and Stunt Crew Grill MAY have new names. That's still being finalized. Nothing new is happening with the International Street fountains at this time. The International Street buildings have been painted. The park is exploring options for improving communication concerning wait times and whether or not a ride is down. Food options in the park will be expanded. (Not a surprise since they just hired a new chef and all, but now they're actually confirming that new things are coming.) Gold and Platinum passholder benefits will be more defined and easier to use. Snoopy's Starlight Spectacular is gone. The Bat's station won't be drastically changing. The queue underneath was removed to clean that area up.
  10. To make the off season fly by a little faster I thought we can have a photo competition. There are a couple of rules. This contest will start Monday of next week. Once it start's the contest will last Monday through Friday. Once you post a photo on one of the days in the week you cannot post another one until that round ends. When there is a tie we will have the tiebreaker round on the weekend(You also get extra points. You can post roller coaster related photo's and other photos. If you are not in a tiebreaker you can submit a photo for extra points. At the end of every round I will Post the results for each week. At the end of the off season the user with the highest point's tallied up wins. - Photo must be your own. - Photo must follow park rules (exception if you had a backstage tour) - Must be TOS appropriate. - No excessive Photo shop filters. - No illegal activity. Enjoy and have Fun.
  11. Yes that is me the little kid in the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5v6BXbSjn1U&feature=c4-overview&list=UUwYykAtaSryLlWLCJHL_0CA
  12. I'm sad that flight deck will no longer be flight deck. (This photo may sound like it is being torn down)
  13. They could at least use the same logo but modernize it.
  14. I really don't like Flight deck (Bat's) new logo, bring the original one back.
  15. This is a great video if your looking for in depth information on Kings island's History.
  16. This is the cam live so you can watch it here if you want.
  17. I didn't take the pic I found it on KIC. But yes I would be afraid of that happening.
  18. Don Helbig just released to media that in 2014 flight deck will be renamed to The Bat. The new color scheme will be orange track with shades of charcoal for the columns and supports. Black will be the featured color's of the trains.
  19. This is where you can post about Banshee's construction progress. Post your photo's (for some reason The site won't let me post a photo) I saw a photo on how low to the ground one of the drops was. I'd say it's about five feet to the ground. You can also go to Kings Islands Website and watch the banshee construction live cam. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/banshee/live-view Photo from Banshee Construction site cam.
  20. Nothing was ever revealed on KIC about YoungStud being "Big Sexy" People have thought it was Sofbaconator who left for a reason and has about 5 different usernames on KIC .Nobody knows who Big sexy is.
  21. There has been some discussion lately about which rides will be removed in the next 20 years or less, or maybe KI won't exist. Share your thoughts below.
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