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  1. Supposedly it reopened before the park closed. A crowd of people trying to run seems to have been the scariest part of this situation.
  2. Diamondback opened 1669 days ago. Banshee was announced 96 days ago.
  3. ^^ I'm happy that the ride is getting some much-needed attention. The Bat will be a part of Kings Island for a long time to come. It might be sad for some to see what's left of the Top Gun/Flight Deck theming finally die, but change is part of all amusment parks.
  4. ^ "Hellevator" was still fresh in the minds of the general public when that accident happened. Reusing that name at a park two hours away from Kentucky Kingdom is exceedingly unlikely.
  5. There won't be one added in the forseeable future according to the park's PR manager, so you've got a lot of counting ahead of you. :)
  6. 10/4 was definitely a fun, laid back night at the park. Kings Island is a great place to visit after dark.
  7. Maintaining momentum through the mid course brake run makes for a more comfortable ride, in my opinion. For me, any discomfort on that ride is a result of head position and/or seat choice. Make sure you're in the front seat of a car, and face forward with your head against the headrest. The front seats of the 5th and 7th cars are popular among enthusiasts.
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