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  1. Big Sexy


    BanshStack crew was hidacious sat night.
  2. Big Sexy

    Looking back at 2014: The Season Food Pass.

    Really healthy choices they have. An individual can easily consume 5000+ calories with two meals and an extra 1000+ calories of sugar in their souvenir cup.
  3. Big Sexy

    Boyz are back

    Its alright.
  4. Goliath looks good. I wonder why rocky mountain coasters are so short in length?
  5. Big Sexy

    Poll: Banshe, A hit or $*1!

    How will you rate the new ride when it opens?
  6. I would take miley cyrus.
  7. Big Sexy

    new to site

    I was at the park Friday as well. My favorite attraction was the Psycho Circus of Mayhem for obvious reasons.
  8. Big Sexy


    I was disappointed in all the haunts personally.