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  1. Big Sexy

    Firehawk closing after this season

    Unless the supposed giga also goes back behind adventure Express and banshee there is not enough room in the DA area. B&m cannot pull off quick transitions. A giga in that area would be a little bigger than i305's footprint. B&m needs lots of room. Fury goes from the back of the park around to the front and around toward intimidator. If a b&m giga goes in that space it will be another POS like raging bull. With the plans cancelled for CGA's hypercoaster due to lack of chain performance maybe CF passed on the giga and is putting in a wing or dive?
  2. Big Sexy

    Firehawk closing after this season

    Its making me nervous that this will be a b&m wing coaster in x base....
  3. Big Sexy


    BanshStack crew was hidacious sat night.
  4. Big Sexy

    Looking back at 2014: The Season Food Pass.

    Really healthy choices they have. An individual can easily consume 5000+ calories with two meals and an extra 1000+ calories of sugar in their souvenir cup.
  5. Big Sexy

    Boyz are back

    Its alright.
  6. Goliath looks good. I wonder why rocky mountain coasters are so short in length?
  7. Big Sexy

    Poll: Banshe, A hit or $*1!

    How will you rate the new ride when it opens?
  8. I would take miley cyrus.
  9. Big Sexy

    new to site

    I was at the park Friday as well. My favorite attraction was the Psycho Circus of Mayhem for obvious reasons.
  10. Big Sexy


    I was disappointed in all the haunts personally.