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  1. No, i did not get banned on here. Thanks for the poster that texted me. This is a great site!
  2. I prefer them to the bulky premier's. The ride has so much airtime your legs could be thrown from the ride IMO. If the ride was a b&m it would have trims on every hill.
  3. Reminds me so much of an intamin mega lite. Airtime is insane, and its ejector! Top new coaster in the Midwest IMO.
  4. I just now realized why my ride was better last weekend. When I rode friday morning the trim had to be on, or has been adjusted to provide more friction. Its located after the completion of the zero g. The train had a pause in it from the zero g to the pretzel. The trim would be the reason I did not feel the same forces on the second half as I did with what I believed to have experienced on a trimless ride the first two weeks of weekend operation. Can anyone confirm if the trim is indeed having a greater effect now?
  5. I think it was Scooby, beastie, something, then what it is now. It should always be beastie. I have heard that what leads to the jackhammering on diamondback is because of wheels that are used to last longer between changes which causes the jackhammering. Todays banshee rides had the same jackhammering effect on the pullouts. The ride seemed a few mph slower as well(could be day vs night). I also did not feel forces in my legs like I did last weekend. The jackhammering is not as bad on an invert vs a sitdown(my teeth still rattled) I hope I just recieved two bad rides today and ho
  6. In college I had admirations of being in a boy band.
  7. Rode banshee twice and left. Rode in the 4th row last Saturday night. Today rode front and back. I enjoyed my ride last saturday night better. Night rides only for me IMO. Excited to go back to the park with my wife and baby, she enjoyed her first ride on wood stock express. My next adult coaster will probably be at cedar point in a coupe weeks or I may hit up Hershey next.
  8. I can't wait to see it. I hear it reeks of awesomeness.
  9. http://www.diamondstack.com The site is actually for sale, hmmm.
  10. I hear the show is awesome. Anyone seen it?
  11. I Want to ride it more in different rows to give it a fair evaluation. Quick notes. I rather there had been a pre drop. I could do without the first immelman inversion, those are pretty boring IMO. I would have rather it been a typical b&m and head straight into a large vertical loop or like hulk and head straight into a cobra roll then it could have went on to the vertical loop through the lift. I enjoyed the zero g. The pretzel was good at the pullouts. The overall pretzel is better on a flyer like tatsu. Vertical loop was good. The carousel turn could have been a little tig
  12. So it took 2 hrs to get on the ride. The top que was around 3/4 full when I got in line, not like the que was overflowing. Trains being released with multiple rows empty. Its good in theory to have an op at the top of the stairs but I have yet to see an op at diamonback competent enough to quickly fill all the rows. Capacity would increase if there was just a free for all IMO. Diamondstack is already jackhammering. Tonight's ride may be my last. I always try to give diamondstack a chance since I like speed and its the fastest coaster within 4 hrs of me, but it SUCKS!
  13. Ladder came down from in the station @ 9:58. Ran 6-9 test cycles then reopened to everyone that was still waiting outside the entrance. That was like 10:10 or so. (I figured they would have told us to get lost cause it was after closing, but they let us on.)
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