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  1. If they build a B&M Invert I will be very disappointed. I mean come on, they were popular back in the 90's and honestly when was the last time a park opened one up in United States? I know we all want a giga-coaster, or a Maverick style ride. But I studied engineering in college and we use to look at footer plans for amusement rides all the time. I took a look at Raptor's station base to compare it to the layout of the construction and they almost look exact, sad to say it.
  2. Thanks (I Am A Rider). It looks like ill be going July 18th which is a Thursday, hopefully its not too bad. I just wish the hotels around the park were cheaper in July, the Kings Island Inn and Super 8 I have stayed at before when they were cheap, but not worth $100 a night.
  3. Okay peeps, I am going to Kings Island sometime this summer and I am trying to figure out what day of the week I should go. I live in Toledo so its quite a hike for me to KI and I want to make the trip worth it without having to wait forever for rides. I went last year in early August on a Monday and Tuesday and it was slammed those days. I am planning on making it to the park in late July. How are Sundays? And obviously Saturday is the busiest for any park so that's eliminated. Any tips?
  4. Here is something i found interesting. When you type in sonofbeast.com it redirects you to KingsDominion.com. Hmmmm....and the one thing I can think of is i305. Which makes me think in some way that the SOB land could be a ride like i305. Maybe it is a teaser of some sort, just thought i share.
  5. Does anyone know of any internet sites that have Son of Beast memorabilia? I was not able to find any on Ebay. Also, if you know of any site that has old pictures or old commercials dating back from when SOB opened I would like the information for it. I am doing a project for my marketing class and I was impressed with the way KI promoted the ride from 1999-2000. I could only find a 3 videos on YouTube dating back to that time.
  6. I wonder if they will you use the SOB station and que line in anyway? I know they use it for halloween but thats 2 months out of the year. They kept it up for a reason so im sure they will use it in someway.
  7. Thats a bummer you cant make it up to CP this year. B&M rides do get rough over time it seems like, Raptor and Mantis have become a little jerky but I think thats because of the wheels. Intamin to me have a better product over the course of time. The last Intamin ride CF invested in was I305 in 2010. I think it is time for them to change it up instead of investing with B&M unless they have a long contract with them. Cedar Point announced a teaser saying that the next development is being manufactured by B&M which could be 3-4 years from now.
  8. I think Kings Island needs a giga coaster or a terra coaster. Anything like Millennium Force or Maverick is the best investment they can make for KI. If you haven't been on GateKeeper yet at Cedar Point then I think you will change you're mind about something other than a bigger Diamondback. It will either be that or a winged coaster, and after riding GateKeeper I was not that impressed. Yes it was awesome the first time but after going on that ride more and more I got bored, it was not as thrilling as it was hyped to be.
  9. Oh yeah it would be a giga for sure. I have a feeling Cedar Fair is trying to make Kings Island a lot like Canada's Wonderland. Behemoth and Leviathan, Diamondback and ???? I can see it happening. It sounds like you agree with me about a steel version of The Beast? (JTW). Most of the people on other sites are opposed to this idea, well I say if you are a true Kings Island fan that you should appreciate an idea like this. The one thing I like about roller coasters is the marketing ideas that they create leading up to the announcement. A marketing idea like this would generate a lot of hype and money revenue for the park. SOB did in 1999 and its first year in 2000, minus the delay and issues.
  10. I know this sounds crazy, but it makes for good marketing purposes. But I had a thought that maybe this ride will be a spin off of The Beast in some way. A steel version of The Beast? I honestly could see them naming the ride after it, also because it sits on the SOB land as well. The teaser signs look just like the ones SOB used when they were promoting that ride in 1999. It sounds like the name of this ride is going to be some kind of monster from what the teaser sign says. SOB was my favorite ride at KI and I would really like to see them continue some kind of trend with The Beast name. If this ride does end up being a Winged Coaster, I am going to be a little upset.
  11. A few things to look at when trying to figure out what this could be is layout, the size of the footers, and what Cedar Fair has been trending with rides the last few years. Too be honest I hope they do not get a Winged Coaster. GateKeeper at CP is cool and all, but to have another one just 3 hours apart doesn't make sense. You have to make a ride that is different and will draw guests to that park. I have a feeling it will be a giga coaster by B&M, like Leviathan. Yeah KI has Diamondback but they need a ride to break the barrier like what Son of Beast did, because no one else had it. And B&M would have their first giga coaster in the USA. But if you look closely at the footers they look like Intamin footers since the supports are skinnier. That is my input, I am assuming we will see an announcement sometime in August.
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