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  1. That bad huh? I was planning on taking my six year old brother. Should be a headache then.
  2. I was planning on going to the park on July 3rd for the nights of fire and I was wondering if the park is usually packed or not. Any tips on will be helpful.
  3. Yes they do and I want to take one of them home. Those trash cans would look cool in my room. LOL
  4. Next is the Paramount logos on the hand soap dispenser!! :D
  5. Yeah it would be stupid to get rid of it. But theres just alot going on with it that makes you wonder. Like has anyone discovered why it doesn't have its own box on the park map this year? :huh:
  6. Of what I have seen its pretty clean. But I have only been there twice in the same room. I have heard other rooms are kinda nasty.
  7. Wow. Geez. My bad. "Cockroach" I am an idiot. Now you can thank me. :lol:
  8. Sweet. By the way, I killed a coachroach in room B113 in the resort. You should thank me. :D
  9. Has anybody heard if the park plans to rebuild the campgrounds or is it going to stick with the wolf lodge? I was wondering because a driver from the Kings Island Resort had said she heard the park bought some ground out by a lake. Or maybe she is crazy?
  10. Rivertown


    Hey why don't they tear down DOT and put a stunt tower that shoots you up to the top, like they have at Cedar Point?
  11. It seems like Paramount killed all the good things before they sold it. Does anybody remember the campgrounds? Was that not one of the reasons to go to the park? And now fof. Like the island has too many coasters or something...
  12. I was at the park yesterday and I noticed that the Flight of Fears' picture monitor area was gone. NO computers, no pics, nothing. And with the ride not being on the park map worries me. Anyone know what is going on?
  13. I tried that but all I keep getting is fearfest stuff or hotels.
  14. Does anybody know any websites on ghosts of Kings Island?
  15. The ride only sucks if you aren't in the front seat. Its a whole new coaster up front.
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