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  1. 3 plants, 2 in the US and one in Europe. Most US and Asia/Pacific is done at CSF with another one in New York to keep up with production. One in Europe for the rest.
  2. They could pressure wash it when they dismantle it and build a deck out of it. OK "decks", ok a lot of decks, many many decks. Come to think of it, I could use a new deck. (Don't blame me, I have heard worse on here.)
  3. Looking at the history pictures, I have discovered some thing very interesting. Look at the crack in the tarmac in each picture. It is the same crack at the Wilmington airport. The new picture was added in 2004 but I can not contact the author, which means that I still do not know where this plane is now. If it is still up at Wilmington, then it is in a hanger, because I never see it when I go up there. http://www.kiextreme.com/historyphotos/dis...cat=0&pos=3 http://www.airliners.net/open.file?id=0728...=&photo_nr=
  4. ^That's darn close, but I was thinking more in the animated teardrop. Maybe one day I will have enough time to make one myself. (yea right, have enough time, I have to admit that was a good one)
  5. The Tumble Bug with my Mother, that was her favorite. Man what I would give for just one more ride. (I am still waiting for some one to make a smiley with a teardrop.)
  6. The last ride I had on the Tumble Bug with my Mother at Coney Island. The last ride I had on the Bavarian Beetle with my girl (now wife) at Coney Island. Opening day At Kings Island in 1972 The first ride I had on the Tumble Bug with my Mother at Kings Island. The first ride I had on the Bavarian Beetle with my girl (now wife) at Kings Island. Going up in the Eiffel Tower this past year, and thanking the lord for the wonderful memories.
  7. I remember the days when you could have fun on a roller coaster, just the 3 of you. http://www.rcdb.com/ig522.htm?picture=14
  8. KI's FOF was to be moved, it was not here to stay. That was not the only ride at KI on the rotation schedule for Paramount.
  9. Although this idea is very impractical, there is a simple solution. First off the support structure would not have to be as elaborate as you guys have been drawing. Second the track would be made of flat steel with wood on both sides, this would give you the strength you would need to handle the load. p.s. If you are going to build this in your back yard, don't give me any credit for any thing.
  10. Monroe

    SOB Bad Luck

    This is hogwash, just put your right sock on first and every thing will be fine!!!!!
  11. You need themes to have a theme park and KI has not had themes for, well a good long time. (Movie themes do not count). Also there is no truth to Google, and if you hold there word searches as a standard, then you are just as foolish as the top word searches. besides the only reason that Paris is the #1 word search is because people want to see her in the buff. Nothing agenst you, just try not to use trash to make a point. There are plenty of intelligent people on here, they will understand you if you express yourself using intelligence. (or try sending them a couple of pictures of Paris in the Buff, I hear that will work too.)
  12. I honestly think people will ride it reguardless of what happened.I highly doubt KI or CF would destroy SoB I mean it may have bad media but its still a money maker guests still crave it kinda like the press on paris hilton or britney spears :lol: This is an amusement park forum!!!! Do not under any circumstances and I do mean any bring trash like Hilton or Spears into this forum!!!!!!!!
  13. Please do not correct others unless your punctuation and spelling is perfect.
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