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  1. Remember guys this is a way for the park to get money. It is NOT meant for us coaster enthusiasts that have season passes to abuse every day we are at the park. Its so those people. (Like myself) that visit the park once a year or so to get the most out of our visit. Plus you have to remember the parks are there to make money not to give us coaster enthusiasts anything we want all the time. I honestly like the idea. Its going to be a good way for the park to make some extra revenue.
  2. Yes I agree Geauge Dog. They should not just let it sit there and do nothing about it. I think the only reason they may be waiting on doing anything on it is because they want to be sure that if they invest the money into a full rehab of the ride that it will indeed payoff. Its either that or they are waiting for the money to be in the budget to tear it down. Either case I think they need to hurry up and commit to a decision.
  3. Son of Beast might be a good candidate for the same extreme makeover that the texas giant received but in all honesty. I do not see them putting any more money into the ride. Even though in doing so it would create one world class attraction. I think the amount of money it would cost to convert the ride is more than what it would cost to tear it down and develop and build a new attraction in the same area. Though it is hard to say. That is just what I think about the entire situation with the attraction.
  4. I agree CincinnatiKid123. Since this is now the official amusement park season its time to start recruiting more member and get our current members more active in the site. Anyways back to the topic on hand. The forum upgrade is very nice. Works great and looks great. Though as park of the mod team I will say that if any users notice spam bot please report those topics ASAP and DO NOT POST in the topic. Let us moderators do out job and ban those spammers. It does help us however if you report those posts and topic by clicking the report post button. The moderation team greatly appreciates it.
  5. Easy... White Cyclone @ Nagashima Spa Land (Japan) Don you can post another if you want. I don't have one on my mind right now.
  6. Because it was a crappy coaster? Your just now realizing that its gone? It has been gone for a few years now you know....
  7. Pretty much both. Mainly GCI and CCI because everyone knows CCI is no longer active. No that that is over. Continue posting about KI and its not so goodness.
  8. <sarcasm>No, I m simply talking to myself.</sarcasm>
  9. Some people just do not realize how stupid they really are.
  10. He's not being an A-hole... He is being reailisic. LSM lift that size?!?! YEAH RIGHT! You would use so much power it would it would cost the park millions each year to run!
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