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  1. B&M seats are very roomy. This will probably be the most accomidating ride in the park to be honest. Also, I believe there are seat belts between you and the lapbar, I think this is a back up design.
  2. There are actually footers on the path between TRFKATRTR and construction site. They are covered with large pots.
  3. If it towers over everything it will be 315 ft. I don't see it being that tall. Drop Zone's drop is 264, so maybe over that?
  4. What coaster enthusiasts (or park enthusiasts) fail to note is that the GP doesn't really know the names of many of the elements. If you walked up to a random guest and pointed at Vortex's Batwing they wouldn't know what to say. What if you pointed at the helix, what would they call that? To them it may be a loop, horizontal, but still a loop.
  5. I'm guessing BB expansion, if CF is holding on to KI, I see them trying to brand it like an all around resort. The thing we need to step up is our water park with all of the indoor water parks being built in the GC area.
  6. teenageninja

    Top Gun

    The only ride I would only even SLIGHTLY think about moving in the park would be IJ:ST, and that is pushing it. Top Gun would take too much terrain work anywhere else in the park.
  7. With it being this hot you shouldn't be buying pop, you should be drinking WATER, beings as caffeine dehydrates you. Water is free at all concession stands, I promise.
  8. Most people don't generally leave small items like cell phones and cameras in the station anyways, in fact when I worked at the park I never saw a cell phone in any station. I find it hard to think someone will lose a back pack on a ride, my advice when I worked there was to put their feet through the straps of their back pack or purse, that way it's not falling off unless you take your feet off of the floor. Also, there are lockers in the park (I know people are cheap) that can prevent this from happening at all, this has been in effect at CP since 2003 at least.
  9. It's for your benefit, this way now no one can get upset if things are taken. Trust me, it happens a lot more than one would think.
  10. Given all their problems if I were KI I would tear it down and put in something or somethings better than that definitely more reliable.
  11. It appears that it is either running or testing today.
  12. Drop Zone, Deli, Shake Rattle and Roll. I miss Skylab.
  13. The area is so big it almost has to be a coaster. I'm glad you didn't get FoF though, that's one of the rides that KI really needs, unless they are planning on replacing it to.
  14. Maybe that's what I got mixed up. Oh well, it happens.
  15. Kings Island is on 364 acres of property if I remember correctly, There is currently around 100-150 developed.
  16. The dummies have been in that same spot since the ride opened, or atleast for the past few years, they have always been in plain site.
  17. That ride was a capacity nightmare, maybe 100 riders an hour in a good hour. Not to mention it seemed to break down a lot, and I wasn't a big fan of the brakes. I remember when I was 13 riding with my sister, a guy sitting down at Biplanes was like hold on your gonna be in pain in a second, he couldn't have been more right.
  18. Sounds awesome, they had an indoor electric go-kart course off of Red Bank road a few years ago (probably 6-8 years ago) and those cars fly. I'll be checking this and B.J.s Brewhouse out when they open.
  19. This is what I would like to see. 2008- BB Expansion and a couple small flats (KI Lacks severly in that department) possibly in X-Base/ Coney Mall 2009- B&M Hyper or Intamin LSM launched coaster in Rivertown that has a finale over the lake. Potential names include Maniac, Stallion (Cedar Fair likes similar names), or Stampede.
  20. Mean Streak and Beast were the only two rides that physically hurt my chest. Mean Streak this year and Beast 2 years ago. SOB never did that to me. Hopefully I can try it soon and judge for myself.
  21. No, it's a very unique experience, I think it's great, but get your tickets like first thing as you go in, they tend to be cheaper in the morning.
  22. I love FearFest, it's always a great time, always packed though. All of the major rides are open, except WWC usually. Also, they use Scrambler's queue for the ride, so they tear down the ride in early September.
  23. TRex, I'm not sure if you work at the park or not, but if you do I'd watch what you say, even being that vague can lead to your firing. All that aside, I agree that it won't be a coaster in 08, I'm guessing 09.
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