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  1. http://www.forgottenoh.com/Counties/Warren/kingsisland.html
  2. Now WHY would the Great Wolf Lodge look ANYTHING like that? :huh:
  3. My favorites are Flight of Fear and Face/Off, but its usually quite a wait in line. Vortex is a great roller coaster too, and the line is usually very short, about 5 minutes. Son of Beast/Drop Zone are rides you pretty much must ride as they records. Italian Job is fun, but I'm not sure about the wait. As for eating, Chicfille (sp).
  4. This? http://www.sixflagsgreatescapelodge.com/sn...ots-gallery.asp
  5. Did anyone see Moze, Ned and Cookie in the Paramount's Theater at 12:30/2:30/4:30?
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