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  1. I know this is old... But I've been gone for awhile and I missed out on this post. Home Park: Camden Park. I can be there in less than 20 minutes. 2.5 hrs. from Kings Island 4 hrs. from Holiday World 4 hrs. from Cedar Point 2.5 hrs from Kentucky Kingdom 9.2 (haha) hrs. from Six Flags St. Louis
  2. Yeah I left out that reason, too. I heard about that Fun Spot. Of course I was tired and left quite a few things out, hince, the fried chicken. But yeah, it's slowly getting better. My mom (pretty much my whole family has, including myself) worked there and back then it used to have a zoo and much more attractions (not to mention much more attractive) but it's gone through a lot in the years and is still a fun place to take the kids and enjoy the atmosphere.
  3. Hey everyone, Does anyone remember the Screamin' Demon? I do. But I don't remember it as the Screamin' Demon of course, I remember it as the Thunderbolt Express. Even though everyone pretty much knows about the history of the Demon, I will just outline a little bit, as a tribute to this fun-filled ride that has gone from our view, but not from our hearts. The Demon was opened and ran from 1977 to 1987 and was relocated to Camden Park in my hometown of Huntington, WV in that year. It was opened and ran from 1988 to 2000 when it was shut down due to problems. It was dismantled in 2004 T-Bolt was built by Arrow in the 70's, and is a Shuttle-Launched Loop Coaster, one of the first in the world. It served a great run at Camden Park, and it was much missed at Kings Island when it left. But luckily patrons didn't have to travel much farther to enjoy it's fun-filled thrills, as Camden Park is only 3 hours and 19 minutess and 179 miles away from KI. You were a good roller coaster, T-Bolt. We will miss you, and we salute you. :D I remember that ride, I haven't been to Camden Park in almost 10 years. But we used to park at my grandma's (who lives right down the street) and walk down to Camden Park for an annual summer picnic my grandpa's company had, where we rode all the rides, a lot of fried chicken and baked beans, and just had fun with our families. I've only rode the T-bolt a couple of times, due the fact that it was in such disrepair by the time I was big enough to ride it, it scared the heebie jeebies out of me. It was rusted, and in just all around bad shape. But the most dangerous (and sort of amusing to me because it happened to myself) was the cars would get stuck in half loop sometimes from anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. That was much of the reason for it's closing, and the fact that CP doesn't make much money in the first place (they are a very poor park) and didn't have the money available for the needed repairs. I would go to Camden Park these days, but they are charging $3.00 for parking and $24.00 at the gate, and at this point in time, it's not really worth it for me to go. Anyone have any memories from Camden Park -or- T-Bolt (Demon)?
  4. Right on. I love the tilt-a-whirl.
  5. Yeah, it's obvious that CF will probably end up turning KI into a roller coaster park. Maybe, Maybe not. They might surprise me and leave it like it is with some modifications. Who knows. I like it the way it is now, but it'd be nice (this is not thinking about the money of course) if they could expand the park with some of that unused acerage and bring back some old rides, get rid of some of the ones that suck, and get some new rides to replace them. That would be perfect combination. XD
  6. That's just my opinion btw. XD
  7. That is true interpreter, I didn't think of that at the time I wrote the post. Just day dreaming I guess. ;) With the millions of dollars of upkeep, maintanence, and labor it takes to run their 14 parks...Kinzel must be a busy man...handling all of that money. Him and his board of directors. As good of a move as it was to buy Paramount Parks (for the fans) i'd say it probably cleaned their wallet out. If they even had one to begin with XD with all of the money they put into CP. When I got onto their site, I was pleasantly...shocked that they owned as much as they did. It's like they went on spending spree since they formed the partnership. But I am darn glad that Six Flags didn't buy Paramount....We are blessed for that much. I don't know if anyone else agrees w/ me. I was rooting for 1.) C-Fair, 2.) Anheuser-Busch, or 3.) Universal Oh yeah...the Canada thing...a lot of red tape.
  8. I wouldn't say...because if coasters were anyone's top priority...people would be dead...and the parks would be broke. XD
  9. I mean, if they really want to do that, it would be nicer if they just made room for pathways to get there. Maybe offer different options also besides the path, such as: a tram, a monorail like thing, and maybe an East entrance. It would be a boost of business for them to expand the park with rides that the fans have always wanted, and of course now that Cedar Fair has taken over (just look at Cedar Point) hopefully they focus on quality as much as they have in the past years that they have dealt with customers at their maiden park, which of course has been voted Best for like 7 or 8 years in a row. I really think we can expect a lot of new and great things from them. You know what I think?! I think we should have a contest at the best plan for a way to "make way" for an expansion. Or, if not, I can see why sitting down and drawing something on good ol' pen and paper is weird for some people. That's just what i've been doing for the past 2 years for an amusement park that I would love to build.
  10. Yeah that would be great. Seeing how that when we worked at CP, Housing was cheap (a little cheaper than the average rent) you payed weekly. And, I'm thinking, they took it out of your pay too. Which was nice because you didn't have to run the tedious errand of paying the rent, because you worked MAD hours. That would be nice for your parents to let you do that, but seeing how Cedar Point paid (starting out 6 something an hour) and the high rents these days, that would pretty much take all of your paychecks. ^_^ But of course rent may be cheaper in Ohio, because compared to WV, everything is cheaper in Ohio. Taxes, the minimum wage is higher, better gov't. My sister lives across the river, and her and her husband save a heckuva lot more money than living here. Me and my wife are having a time ;) Sorry to be so negative, i'm sure it will work out great. That would be great if they instated the work program there, and possibly all of the CF parks. Becuase you could not only work at KI, you could work at Dominion, Carowinds, etc. Maybe even Canada! eh?
  11. Drop Tower?? Wow... How creative is that? I mean...way to state the obvious. XD That's pretty much my only beef w/ the new ride names. I guess they didn't have much options, but you could use something called...>OH MY GOD!< Your imagination. Even something like "Sky Tower" would have been a little bit better.
  12. Ahh...the good times. I can remember when I drank one of their famous $6.00 32oz Cokes right before I got on the Racers. Frontwards AND Backwards and it made me have to pee so bad I about went right in the ride. When a buddy of mine was scared to get on Drop Zone and I made him, and he freaked out when they let someone off (because of the harnesses coming unlocked), and then he lost his sandal and had to walk around barefoot until we finally found a pair of flip-flops in one of the shops. When I got on Vortex (one of, 7 or 8 times I got on it that night) my harness didn't lock all the way (I guess for the size adjustment) and I was very loose in the seat and was scared to death thinking I'm going to plummet into the trees below. Uhh...the first time I rode Face/Off and we sat across from two little girls, and we screamed more than they did. The feeling after we left of soreness all over my body...and increased bladder strength. XD It was great! That was prob the best visit ever!
  13. Hey everyone, Just a thought. As I loved working at Cedar Point for the time that I was there, since Cedar Fair now owns our beloved Kings Island, do you know, or think if they are going to start the same summer job program as Cedar Point? I did see where they are giving free bus rides from Cincy to the park for low-income kids for the summer jobs. But I was wondering if the jobs with the lodging, etc. would stay exclusively at Cedar Point or are they going to start initiating it at all CF parks. Just a thought. I just think it would be awesome because, if they did, they could have a whole lot of people be interested in working at not only Cedar Point, but KI, KD, Carowinds and etc. It gives you more to choose from. I love Cedar Point and all, but it would kind of be nice since KI was closer for me to drive (a mere 2 1/2-3 hours, instead of 5-6) to work there instead. ;)
  14. That ride was an injury waiting to happen. But it seems to me they are just jumping the gun on this one. I agree with the above, Improper ride operation? I highly doubt. But really, that thing is rough.
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