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  1. and why are they blocking "*System Edit: Name Blocked*"
  2. if u look on the "blackhawk" on that page, it seems like it could be a cooler theme, the *System Edit: Name Blocked* looks like a wussy medical copter....lol IMO
  3. has anyone heard who's going to be at timberwolf this year, id like to look forward to some fun concerts
  4. yea they could make it like some kind of military jet or something...could be cool
  5. if i even knew how to make banners, i might
  6. i used to get a pass to the beach and KI, but i stopped with the beach bc i would always get bored there after about 3-4 hours....and id rather just have the KI pass for both water/regular park...but im not much of a waterpark guy anyways
  7. true, but the loop was a pinacle for the ride to me.....i guess everyone knows now that theres a reason SOB was the only looping wooden rollercoaster :)
  8. not too much, but its not uncommon to the usual park-goers
  9. i think both of the rides are actually pretty fun, IJ usually has a killer line, either bc of the "newness" or breakdowns....but i usually try to ride both
  10. i still call the fairly odd coaster the beastie, so that would be a good move
  11. (also dreaming) it would be cool if they made an underground tunnel that was completly dark. but thats just me :huh:
  12. it would be cool if the train was themed like the trains at disney world, they have a great train IMO.
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