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  1. Let's be real, you couldn't even get accepted to an online college.
  2. This topic and Genesis (aka Big Sexy aka Troll Banned from KIC) are useless.
  3. What's strange is that on the other site, Big Sexy and YoungStud were revealed to have been the same user. Why are you talking to yourself over here now?
  4. Nice update guys, these history photos are bad@$$! Wish they kept AE that themed.
  5. Stop posting on kie!

  6. Thanks for the advice Don. I don't think I can really spend the money on parallels right now, but I think with OSX leopard, which I am getting soon, boot camp is included....may have to look into that. Anyways, I kind of got my RCT2 fix... I'm in Cincinnati for the weekend to cover the inauguration and MLK day for a newspaper. Got home to my parents house late last night and dropped off my bags and camera gear. Sat down at their desktop computer to check my email real quick, didn't bother unpacking my Macbook. Needed to type up something in Microsoft Word. As I'm browsing the windows menu I notice.....ROLLER COASTER TYCOON 2! WOOT! I've got nothing to do tomorrow, don't have to work till Monday and Tuesday, so I got some RCT2 playing to do this weekend! PS, are soaked and wild out for mac or just RCT3? If anyone knows...
  7. I know RCT3 is available for Mac, but does anyone know if there was ever a version of RCT 1 or 2 made for MAC? I know there are a lot of talented RCT players on these forums and who are involved with the Atari community. As Paul can tell you, I would KILL to play RCT2 again. Unfortunately, due to school and my job I'm required to have a mac. While I love it, I miss RCT2. If anyone knows anything, I'd greatly appreciate it. -Dr. Steve
  8. They sat back there for awhile, a few of them being reused in the 2005 Winterfest parade. They've since been relocated to join the antique car fleet at Worlds of Fun.
  9. I would love to, unfortunately, I don't have a VCR and can't find it in any of the video stores here.
  10. Ah, I was going off of a claim by www.americanaamusementpark.com where they said part of it was filmed there.
  11. I believe part of this movie was also filmed at Americana.
  12. Nicely done. Glad to see a report from here, definitely a great Cincinnati area tradition.
  13. It would probably look similar to this park: http://queencitydiscovery.blogspot.com/200...visited_29.html
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