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  1. PhantomTheaterGuy

    Haunt Music

    Since this site has the music from Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle, can KIExtreme record the Haunt mazes? Like the Urgent Scare lobby music for example.
  2. PhantomTheaterGuy

    Check out this new ride

    I received an email the other day titled "check out this new ride" but the pictures weren't working. Does anybody know what the pictures were or is Kings Island getting a new ride for 2013?
  3. PhantomTheaterGuy

    New rides and Haunt mazes

    If KI got new rides, I would add a wing coaster similar to the "Swarm" in England and the "Gate Gaurdian" and the "Raptor" in Italy and the "Wild Eagle" in Dollywood. In the Haunt, I would add mazes like the ones in Universal Studios like "Saws n Steam" "Nightingales Blood Prey" and "Havoc Dogs of War" but with new story lines and new names.