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  1. One could say the same of your posts. 15,371 days without Intamin's gift.
  2. AA0

    Boyz are back

    Let's be real, you couldn't even get accepted to an online college. How could you make that kind of conclusion, just out of curiosity? Can being a coaster enthusiast, or possibly even having such admiration to that automatically disqualify that? Or, rather, what degree do you have to even conclude that? I have heard good and bad, so I am not sure what to think of it yet Genesis, but I do look forward to it soon!
  3. The under station gift shop seems to be coming along. Though the more I look I see that the signs are taken off. Possibly a sign of something different to be put in place?
  4. This is just a topic to discuss Kentucky Kingdom. First, AA0 should mention that Kentucky Kingdom now has the USA's tallest slide, any thoughts on the whole park?
  5. So, YoungStud, if the new attraction is an Intamin product, will you make KK your home park or keep Cedar Point your home park? Waiting for the announcement, which hopefully will be made soon!
  6. AA0 thinks that is what he is going through as well. Dreams of Flight Deck and Flight of Fear happen all too often now, and I do wish that I was speeding through the woods on the Beast yet again on days like this.
  7. I only consider it a new addition by the paint and retheme, though it would be the same lay out. Like many, I voted for Banshee in that it broke a record and it is a new theme for Cedar Fair to use all the way.
  8. AA0


    Thanks for the tiny tr, I too managed to get to Kings Island occasionally for the after dark events. Although I would have ended the night with a classic ride on Flight of Fear, not the Diamondstack, you should of went to Cedar Point and rode an Intamin!
  9. But......it's an Premier product! I voted for BLSC due to how it is not exactly the most liked in the Island and it seems that over the years it has became a eye sore that AA0 cannot stand period with the duller theme of the latter.
  10. With two major additions happening in 2014, you can expect a great new line up for our favorite park. So, what is the best addition for 2014?
  11. I was there a few days ago, and I found that the scenes were open, which looked like we could get our theming back. Although something tells me we may loose the Top Gun theming sometime with the new Banshee rumors.
  12. Goliath and Banshee are my anticipated attractions at the moment, but I won't be too sure until Kentucky Kingdom announces their new coaster for 2014.
  13. Interesting move on Disney's part, though I do wish that it were to come to Disney World for Epcot or at least Hollywoods Studios, MGM, for the relevance and ideas pointed out in the ride. Hopefully it will be better than the Simpsons or the Spider Man attractions at rival USO.
  14. AA0

    new to site

    Welcome to the site! I have noticed you on another certain site and glad to see more posters coming, let's just not speak of a certain company often,
  15. What do you think is the best flat at Kings Island? I personally believe that Windseeker is the best flat, only due to the swinging motion and the flying feeling throughout the attraction.
  16. AA0

    Halloween Haunt 2013

    Interesting props are out infront of Kings Island a few days ago that I saw driving by. Any ideas on your expectations for the 2013 scenery? 4 more days!
  17. The summer is finnally over! Now onto the main event....Haunt. This year, we are getting a few new Haunts, for example, Backwoods Bayou, Board to Death, and Delta Delta Die. Any thoughts on the new Haunts?
  18. Great to see you back TombRaiderFTW! I too feel the same way on the B&M concept, I just cannot set my finger down on a exact coaster type.
  19. I have only seen footers, now there are metal support like structures that I can see but not full on. There is although a semi octogonal piece and some very odd holes in the ground.
  20. I was just stating that to go along with popular belief of B&M, at this time I don't know what it is. There are just too many variables right now to even call this coaster type "x" or coaster type "z".
  21. From my understanding, the X2 is considered an 4th dimension coaster, that kind is a type I don't recall B&M making. Although that isn't a bad idea undergoing the Banshee name.
  22. Mr Roberts, it is not X-Files till I wear the suit. Just believe in the paranormal. After a long cryo sleep, I finally returned to the forums to post this information. The phase 2 seems to be in full force and we may get pre SOB terrain valley construction soon by the investigations I have done.
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