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  1. Knotts is far more guilty of this than Universal'e event. Deadtropolis, Dead Exposure, Doomsday, Toxic City, Cannibals, and Containment are all COMPLETELY different with entirely different sets and costumes... Doomsday and Containment don't even really have zombies. Do they reuse props and some key set pieces over the years? Yeah... but the mazes are definitely completely different with unique identities each year. /horrornightsfanrant
  2. Awesome pictures, can't wait to see more. And the largest hidden mickey, while no longer existing in its original form, was the entirety of the central Hollywood Studios plaza when viewed above. ;)
  3. The actual video is in color, but during one portion of the video two maintenance guys or something holds up a black and white tv set to the security camera (showing aliens). So, only the "aliens" appear in black and white. -Foe-
  4. no cuz i went every saturday plus openingday sun day and road this every time and its the first time if seen its and ya i am not in english class so not to sound like a douche but i dont care about grammer It'd still be great if I could understand what you were saying. And I've been into Flight of Fear many times and I've always seen the video you are describing. -Foe-
  5. Longest sentence ever.... Also, that's not new at all. It's been there since the ride's opening to my knowledge. -Foe-
  6. There were several Maestros (going by my memory...) Queue Area, playing the Organ First room, holding back curtain Second room, one of the portraits Main Theater Room, playing the organ again Room before Prop Room with the swirling sheet music Btw, I'd love to see the sheet music pic. :) -Foe-
  7. I think you're right... I remember the second rat pictured fondly, but the first one is new to me. Plus, I don't think it was outside, as they kinda had to keep the exterior low key considering the location. Maybe it was used for Museum of Horrors or something? -Foe-
  8. Interesting development, thanks for posting. However, I'm pretty certain Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast won't be going there... Universal has a contract on it that still lasts for several more years. It will more than likely be the Spongebob 3D simulator. x_x -Foe-
  9. Phantom never had an on-ride camera... Maybe you're thinking the hitchhiking ghosts on the Haunted Mansion at Disney? -Foe-
  10. You think they would announce these things beforehand. If they didn't, it's bad show. =/ -Foe-
  11. Yeah, this sounds more like a beefed up Magic Mountain than a theme park. -Foe-
  12. No problem, I'm a huge Universal fan and a Potter fan and I'm very excited about all this. Kinda sad Dueling Dragons are getting rethemed, but a Goblet of Fire WOULD be pretty cool. And I'm sure the Flying Hippogrif would be better than what we have now theming wise. :) -Foe-
  13. The coaster in the middle is the Flying Unicorn, and the coasters off to the right are the current Dueling Dragons coasters. From what I hear they'll retheme Flying Unicorn to the Flying Hippogrif and theme the area to Hagrid's Cottage, while Dueling Dragons will remain dragons but as part of the Triwizard Tournament (complete w/ Goblet of Fire in the queue). Supposedly the Robotic Arm will be the Weasely's Car, at least that's one of the rumours being discussed. -Foe-
  14. Okay, here's what's going down from what I understand: They will be KEEPING everything in Lost Continent from the pathway between Merlinwood all the way back to Poseidon's Fury. So Poseidon, Sinbad, and Mythos will all be staying. They will be MODIFYING the area between Flying Unicorn and the end of Merlinwood Plaza to be rethemed to Potter. They will be ADDING at least one E-Ticket and possibly a few minor attractions/stage show venues in a large plot of land currently partly used for maintenance areas. I love the concept, but why do they have to kill Dueling Dragons and (probably) the Enchanted Oak Tavern? I always loved the Merlinwood Plaza area, and the two huge dragon figures duking it out. Potter will go in and probably screw all of that up. The Unicorn can change, though, that doesn't matter much to me. It seems like the E-Ticket will be that Robotic Arm coaster we've all been anticipating. After all, Universal has acquired a 10-year exclusive permit for the robotic arms. I guess we'll just wait and see what happens. -Foe-
  15. Err... did I miss something? Why did we "see this coming"? Did Fort Cooper reference to a Paramount Film? :huh: -Foe-
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