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  1. undertaker


    no i dont. but thanks anyway.
  2. undertaker


    what are you talking about?
  3. undertaker


    The staff needs to improve the videos a little bit because they wont work.
  4. good: we have the worlds longest wooden rollercoaster and americas longest coaster, the beast and the tallest, fastest, only looping wooden roller coaster son of beast. bad: not enough new thrill rides and too much family rides and pki is wasting their money on something very dumb called nickelodeon universe.
  5. Did you know that FOF at Kings Dominion is in SBNO? Why is this? here is the link. I have no idea why this is happening but it is. I just hope it dont happen to pki`s FOF. I have not checked PKI on rcdb yest but I will.
  6. If this is true then YES! Paramount has been ruining pki since 2004 with no thrill rides. Cedar Fair will build alot of thrill rides! YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!
  7. i just hope they dont leave the loop out because if they do all sob will be is the tallest and fastest woodie. but i think they are just removing the loop to impro ve the track that is right before the loop. maybe idk im jst geussing.
  8. undertaker


    who the [system Edit] messed up my poll?
  9. the loop is 118 feet tall believe me if it was on there u would see it.
  10. where u said drop zone will fall over by a storm. that is impossible because they build rollerercoasters and thrill rides to stand against tornados and hirricanes.
  11. I dont get why people hate sob. sure it rough thats why they call it son of BEAST. Not Son of the fairy. It has a great ride design awazing rose helix and an amazing 118 foot tall loop. But it could use some work.
  12. undertaker


    i put that option just for fun. could somebody give me some tips for making polls?
  13. undertaker


    This is my first poll. So if you have any comments make them. If any negative comments make sure you explain them in a nice way okay!
  14. hope i asnwered da questions if i did not someone delete this post for me. i qoting.
  15. i think it would be really cool if we got a b&m inverted coaster.
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