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  1. The reason they switched it back is because Paramount never had permission to run it backwards. Therefore, Cedar Fair switched it back. More than likely the manufacter of the trains however, I am willing to bet the real reason Cedar Fair stopped backwards coasters is the cost of insurance. I can't imagine a coaster to run backwards being stopped by the manufacter after over 20 years.
  2. I beg to differ, even if it is only one button. Ride operator is not easy, any position where you deal with people, food, fun, or money isn't easy. We had a saying at Carowinds, the guests IQ drops to zero, and they check their brains at the gate. Of the two jobs, I have done in the amusement industry, sweep(Emerald Pointe) has easier, but less fun. The only hard part of the job was cleaning up after concerts.
  3. Diving Coasters have different ties, they are straight accross.
  4. I forgot that flying coasters have pretzal loop, opps. Anyways, it can't be a inverted because the support is on the wrong side unless they are making inverted loops now like a Knex or Six Flags Cool Coasters set has. I forgot which one.
  5. If you look in the background, there is a loop track section. That rules out hyper, inverted, flying, and diving. So it is either a floorless or a sitdown.
  6. Actually Carowinds has an address in NC and SC. The NC address is 14523 Carowinds Blvd, and the SC is 3900(sometimes shown as "1" but that is not it) Aveune of the Carolinas. If the new construction is on the SC side, the address on the permit is 3900 Aveune of the Carolinas, if on the NC side, the address is 14523 Carowinds Blvd. However, I didn't know they have changed the tags since DB.
  7. It could be going to the new Universial park in Asia, they are rumored to get a clone of Hulk and of Dueling Dragons. However, yellow is an odd color for either of those. I am guessing Carowinds as the rumor of Log Flume has became true, so I see no reason the rumors of a hyper can't be. However, it does appear to be too small for a hyper, so maybe a floorless. Anyone ever get a photo of Diamondback's tags?
  8. Based on what I have been reading at http://www.discovermyrtlebeachforum.com, ownership of HRP could go to the companies that the park owes money. Wonder if that means that Premier Rides get ownership of the rides the park still owes on? If Premier Rides gets ownership of their rides couldnt they resell them?
  9. This doesn't surprise me, they overhyped the park, overcharged, and expected an unrealitisic amount of visitors. They came in thinking they were bigger than Carowinds(Yes, the website yes that at one point), but in the end proved that even a big name doesn't always draw a crowd. Wonder what changes will take place before (if) they reopen?
  10. Because park management likes to make their money go further... :lol: ...Pretty much, Carowinds has figured out that the general public is know the difference, let alone care. Some people theorize that Carowinds is saving up money for a hyper coaster, but I doubt it.
  11. Most of the people who go to Carowinds have no clue what a boomerang, let alone even ridden one. I haven't even rode one yet, and I am a coaster & Carowinds enthuisist.
  12. I think they are overusing the word Carolina. They could have used Tar Heel Cobra Tar Heel Copperhead Tar River Cobra Tar River Copperhead and put "tar" spots on the ride. I agree, we dont believe we have cobras in the carolinas. EDIT: http://www.bio.davidson.edu/projects/herpc...kes/snakes.html Nope, no cobras, but we diamondbacks..lol :P . That is the creepiest crawliest page I have ever looked at. I hate snakes....
  13. It does appear to be a rat or mouse. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlotte%27s_Web_(1973_film) Interestly enough, the movie was release by Paramount and worked on by Hanna-Barbera with a second movie in 2003(US ONLY). I wish they would have themed the kid's areas at the parks to Charlotte's Web instead of Nicktoons.
  14. Operating Drop Tower was actually more fun than Hurler, we use to scare the already terrorflied guests(unless they were little kids). However, the operator's booth has a sunroof in it, and the air conditioner never worked right. The heater always worked perfect(like we needed it). Operating Drop Tower requires less buttons for the drive position but more buttons for platform position.
  15. Well, I worked at Carowinds and not Kings Island back in 2006. 1)Is it fun? It depends on your coworker, but keep in mind that it is work. It also depends on what fun is to you. There is alot of stress in operating the rides because you deal with alot guests all day, and generally you work all day. The job is an outdoor job normally, so you are out in the weather, and this will take a toll on you, and your crew members during the hot days. 2)What is the pay? The pay is based on how many hours you work, and normally you will work 40-50 hours a week. You will more than likely make more money working at an amusement park that you would at most other entry level positions. 3)Operating the rides is fairly easy depending on your coworkers, and what type of ride it is. More than likely, you will work with one to three others at a ride. Remember to follow procedures to the T, use your best judgement, watch out for the rest of your team. Making friends with your coworkers can be very important because sometimes you will need to help each other out of pickles. The most important thing is be safe, and be aware of what is going on around you.
  16. I believe Orbiter was brought back in 2006 or 2007 after Paramount took it out. Frenzoid was going to be sold until Cedar Fair make the decision to put it back in less than 1,000 feet from it's original spot. The theory was that Frenzoid was hidden, and putting it in a new spot would get more people to it. This idea has been proven untrue.
  17. RollerNut


    No, there is a Cobra roll, a sidewider, and a corkscrew.
  18. Tell that to the 6 foot black snake that chased me around my house for 2 laps when I was 5 years old :lol: I hope that was a pet that escaped because I don't know if I would want to live in an area that had random 6 foot snakes slithering about...scare the poop out of me. :blink: I see an average of one snake every other year where I live. Normally, they are black snakes. It is rare, thank god, to see a copperhead but they are common. I have never had a snake chase after me, but then again, I never looked back to see. Roller "The only snake I go near is KD's Anaconda" Nut
  19. It says the same for the CW hyper. It would seem to me that it would read like Deja Vu's "Single train with 8 cars. Riders are arranged 4 across in a single row for a total of 32 riders, The outside seats of each row are offset a little to the rear, making each row a small v-shape."
  20. Looks to me like they are making adjustments or making sure it doesn't move.
  21. RCDB lists Vortex's max speed as 88.5 KPH, plus it wasn't Arrow Dynamics in 1980, it was Arrow Development. They are both for Vortex.
  22. Me, the only Nicktoons I watch are OddParents and the old ones.
  23. I doubt Snoopy will be extended to the former Paramount Parks unless Cedar Fair's contract for that license is due to be renewed and adding the Paramount Parks doesn't costs an arm and an leg. My prediction is that the kiddy areas will get generic themes like Geauga Lake did. On another note, Valleyfair! doesn't have a Peanuts area.
  24. I see they are going to start growing grass already. I am guessing that means steel erection won't be for a while cause sewing ground cover is normally last. By the way, where are the footings for the turnaround to the station?
  25. From Valleyfair!.com "Special Access Entrances facilitate the boarding process for guests with mobility restrictions. In an effort to be fair to all guests, any person with a mobility restriction and one riding companion may enter a ride through the Special Access Entrance once their party has waited in the regular line and is ready to board. If only the guest with a mobility restriction and one other person are riding, they can receive a boarding time from the ride operator at the Special Access Entrance; after the boarding time has expired, they may return to the Special Access Entrance to board the ride. Any guest who requires the use of Special Access Entrances must visit the Guest Services Office to receive a Special Access slip. Please note that this slip does not guarantee a guest’s ability to ride. Please refer to your individual ride admission policy list for rides that will safely accommodate you." This is consistant with the old Paramount Parks policy. The DISABLED person and one other person does NOT have to wait in the actual line. Basically, they go thru what is normally the exit(sometimes is an elevator) themselves(do NOT send the person helping, it confuses the operators) with the Disablity book that you get from Guest Relations. The operator in charge or supervisor issued a time that is based on length of the line MINUS 30 MINUTES. Sometimes, the estimate wrong(I did once or twice). If they line is less than 30 minutes, we let them on, on the next cycle. One person helping the disabled guest is MUST ride NEXT to the disabled person. Anyone additional persons with the disabled person must wait in the regular queue. On another note, disabled guests may NOT ride in the front or rear cars. While the policy normally went on without problems, often guests without disabilties got the book from either tricking Guests Relations or a friend with a disability letting them use the book. Disabled guests can ride ONE ride at a time, as a normal guest can NOT while in more than one line at a time. Most disabled guests had problems with that part of the policy. On average as a ride operator at Hurler/Drop Zone we had an average of 2 disabled guests riding on a busy weekend, but on a slow weekend, none. Another note is average regular load time is 2-3 minutes depending on ride(With a good crew, we could squeeze Hurler's to 1:50 on a light day.) Average load time when loading one disabled guests is 4-5 minutes depending on ride, and that is with us getting screamed at by someone in our queue line to hurry up. Current Carowinds disability procedures(which appear not to have changed): http://www.carowinds.com/News/detail.cfm?item_id=29
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