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  1. Just noticed a new fence at the end of the new expansion queue under the lift hill. So it will go no farther down than that.
  2. Yeah, the only people that might get wet are onboard. That seems to really pull the water with itself. Although on a windy day who knows.
  3. There are people on the roof because they are replacing the roof. That roof has never been shiny before and it look like they are changing it to look more like the station of Diamondback. Beat me to the answer. It is not a conspiracy. I would they want that building to look very nice for this year as it will have a LOT of traffic.
  4. Well we were hoping that there would special perks for Platinum card holders as well at KI. I know we get to all the parks but it would be nice to have a little extra for the Platinum card holders. We have asked but so far nothing is there.
  5. Transfer track has been moved to the second storage position now
  6. So we are assuming Don is up there doing more photos? Great question is how tough is that climb and how long it takes? Surprised he is alone as a safety procedure should there not be another?
  7. if you want old KK trains, look at FOF tour photos or go on a tour of it. There used to be a couple trains inside.
  8. yes and for a pull through they will only need one car on track not the entire train.
  9. I guess they will have to use the white cranes for the pull through?
  10. Do you have any photos of the beast helix modifications or any links?
  11. What is that on the ground behind and to the right of the crypt? Looks like roofing or such? Under the first drop area.
  12. Just caught a glimpse of someone walking down the first lift hill. Must have been doing some rainy day work...
  13. Wonder if Don got one looking down the first drop like they did for MF or Top Thrill. If not and you are reading this Don, please get one....
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