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    Learning the history of amusement parks in Ohio. Also love to travel to KI to ride my number one coaster SoB.
  1. The Wiki article is true though... it says KI is the second most visited seasonal amusement park in America. All the other parks above KI on the list are either year round operational or are out of the country.
  2. Ty did you notice if the park replaced the ACE coaster landmark sign that had been outside the queue? I didn't see it in any of the pictures...
  3. AgentSoB

    Sounds at KI

    I love the crash sound SoB makes at the bottom of the lift of well. However, I'd also have to say that the sound of The Racer over top of you as you walk under it to go to FOF and Firehawk has appeal as well. I also love the midcourse brake sound on Vortex.
  4. One can only speculate... and I don't know if this is mentioned. However, if you look at that picture of the station work, it looks like the queue might enter the station on the Coney side. So at one point we may go under track to get there if we enter in rivertown. I love walking under track :lol:
  5. Mine are... 1. Son of Beast 2. Flight Deck (I really love suspended coasters) 3. Beast 4. Vortex 5 Tie between Invertigo and Backlot Stunt Track
  6. I saw TopGun1993 several time throughout the day. I was behind you up in the tower when you were taking pictures of the construction. I don't really know too many people on here, but I can spot the staff of the site.
  7. When does Proctor and Gamble use the park? Maybe they are using it earlier this year.
  8. That's Amazing! The numbers are a bit skewed since they didn't have the Paramount parks all of 2006 right? It's funny that the mentioning of Geauga has been wiped off the ending paragraph. I hope we get the Americana Ferris Wheel.
  9. Honestly... I wasn't expecting anything next season until the departure of Geauga Lake. Then I expected Kings Island to get a slice of "Americana" so to speak. In all honesty though, I would be extremely happy if they just continued to clean up the park and kept splashing paint where it was needed. They need to rid the place of the rest of Paramount (except Nick.) Also, Delirium could use some nice, new, shiny, not peeled labels on the discus and a touch up of paint(probably unlikely). The sight of those labels drove me nuts :lol: One thing I hope to learn soon; is whats gonna go down with all those G-trains? One plea I have is to spuce up, paint, and retheme Top Gun. That alone would make my season... (Along with the 2009 hyper announcement. :lol:)
  10. Racer Firehawk 3 Beast Top Gun Fairly Odd Coaster Adventure Express 10 Son of Beast 1 Little Bill's Giggle Coaster Face/Off Vortex 18 Flight of Fear 1 Italian Job Stunk Track Rugrats Runaway Reptar
  11. I found it quite odd the ride operator said it... but as loud as it was in the station I could have missed a few key words. Perhaps he said nearly? I just hope it gets to keep the title of fastest.
  12. Wow... I really can't believe what I'm hearing. I rode it sunday with a friend three different times. All three times were considerable better all around. I rode in the red train twice and the blue once, each time in a different seat. My friend and I were amazed. She absolutely loved it. (she wasn't too keen on the idea of riding at first.) I found it smoother than the Beast and the Racer. IMO recaR is a bit smoother. Honestly if the ride holds up I see it sticking around for longer than I previously thought. To support this I bring up this fact. Upon the arrival of each train back into the station there was something I rarely heard in the station; Cheering and clapping from the riders. Even the operator commented on how he loved the smiling faces over the station intercom. Also props to the crew they were great sunday. Loved the story about how they caught SoB last year in outpost five. Also mentioned that after being caught he received surgery to try to tame him. Then he continued on about how he escaped again from his crate and it was our job to board our test vehicles to find THE SON OF BEAST! (All of this while they were loading and unloading.) He also went over specs top speed 80mph?!?
  13. I'm a little confused... SoB received two trains right? From what I read, it sounded like there were two red trains and one blue. I thought there were two trains, one of each color. No matter what, I still can't wait.
  14. That's awesome that KI gets to be the only park with two landmarks. I didn't even see the historical marker today. I'll have to look for it next time. I had little kids shoving behind me at the entrance :angry:
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