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  1. 2010coasterguy

    2011 KI RCT3 Recreation

    Okay guys heres Invertigo, my laptop has been acting up terribly so ill try to post the rest of the rides here soon, and the project is still a go :)
  2. 2010coasterguy

    2011 KI RCT3 Recreation

    Heres Flight Deck! :D Will add others when my laptop decides to work right -_-
  3. 2010coasterguy

    2011 KI RCT3 Recreation

    Well, I have built almost every on of the rollercoasters at KI (Diamond Back, The Beast, Adventure Express, The Beastie (Yeah Ik its names been changed), The Vortex, Invertigo, Congo Falls, Flight Deck, Both Racers, Firehawk, and still working on a better Flight of Fear, need to find more pics of the ride with the lights on. Taking snapshots now will post here in a few.
  4. 2010coasterguy

    2011 KI RCT3 Recreation

    Hey Guys, So I've been searching around on the net for KI Recreations on RCT3 and I have found a few but none of them have been finished, either they became to hard or the creator just gave up on the project. I'm starting up on a recreation of KI during the 2011 season... If my recreation has room I'll think about adding the 2012 additions to the park. So far I'm going to start by building the coasters, then work on the park. The only things that I may need help with it the supports on rides and the Eiffel Tower I've looked around for any CS that people have suggested and haven't found any. Also once I have finished this project up I will be releasing it for download. As much help as I can get will be greatly appreciated. I know the park quite well, been going to it since i was like 5, so 14 years now :D So today I'm starting up on the rides so be watching out for snapshots of each ride :) Later, 2010coasterguy