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  1. I wish PKD had a giant frisbee like Delirium. Even though this is no where related to Delirium, when I first saw Tomb Raider: Firefall at PKD I kinda backed away from it... It took 3-6 cycles to watch before I got on it. When I came off, I was glad that I went on so maybe you should ride Delirium because you will never know what it feels like until you ride it. It may end up being your favorite rides and you ended up wasting all that time not riding it. lol. :lol:
  2. I really never notice the antenna on top of PKDs tower. Why does PKIs Drop Zone have an antenna on it?
  3. This is kinda off topic and no topic. This makes me wonder if Anaconda at PKD will go away too because theres a section of a piece of track missing on the mcbr... It also makes me wonder how much ours cost... lol... Vortex taken out would be sad to see. Even though i've never been on it looks good. 6 inversions... woot! lol. Is IJST really that boring? If the IJSC is boring at pkd then I would say it's a POS!
  4. I wonder what PKDs IJS"C" will be like... But I would like pki to fix Delirium to make it go high like it used to go...
  5. I ment by the looks of it and people saying that it sucks that it sucks... So if pkd puts one of them here and only 107 people rode it that entire year would they take it down the next year? I don't think so because it cost alot of $ to put it in and alot of $ to take it out in just of 1 year of running it. They would probally wait like 5-7 year to take it down because then it would cost them less to take it down. ;)
  6. I really like PKDs/Virginia's version of Tomb Raider. Why? Cause thats the only one I've been on and it's a big spectator ride. You should see the crowds of people all over the grand stairs of Tomb Raider: Firefall. Thier all watching the amazment like it's awsome show witch it is... In pictures you see it in a different way then you see it in real life. In picures I see it as dulled color. When im really seeing it in real life it looks giantic and shiney. The Kings Island version looks extremely awsome as well. All that massive themeing they put into that ride! I know PKI's is used as an escape vehicle so it flips slowly and less than a topspin used as a topspin. Although I bet TRTR has loads of hang time! PCW's Tomb Raider just plain sucks! :lol: Im gonna make a Tomb Raider: Firefall video called "Tomb Raider: Firefall 2005". It might be released around 2 o' clock pm today at the following link. Is gonna catch many different angles of the ride from the back to the front to side to side of the ride, front the que like right next to it and everything. I'll try to make it as great as possible. Also check out my video "Paramount's Kings Dominion w/Sound". :D Heres the link... http://pkdsource.thrillnetwork.net/videos Thank You for taking your time to read my long post. ;) Ok, the" Tomb Raider: Firefall 2005" video is up now. It's at the top.
  7. ^ So why didn't you vote for it or were you being sarcastic?
  8. I voted PKDs and heres the reason why... http://www.kingsdominion.com/attractions/d...l.cfm?ai_id=234 Listen to what Richard Zimmerman is saying and watch the guest reactions... ;) :lol:
  9. They both also have Scooby Doo & The Haunted Mansion (pkd) / Castel (pki)
  10. Scooby-Doo's Ghoster Coaster @ PKD is the exact same coaster as Beasie at PKI but with a different name... As for Drop Zone I was refering to both parks have a giant version than the 3 other Paramount Parks Drop Zone's where they have as many as 4 cars falling down at different rates... ;)
  11. List as many simular things you can think of that pki (Paramount's Kings Island) & pkd (Paramount's Kings Dominion) have in common... Then list as many of the different things between pki & pkd... I'll start... Simular Both has it's own Eiffel Tower replica... Both has the park enterance on International Street Both has International Street area Both has a fountain in front of the Eiffel Tower Both has Flight of Fear Both has a giant Drop Zone Stunt Tower Both has a Tomb Raider themed ride Both has a Scooby-Doo's Ghoster Coaster (pkd) / Beastie (pki) Both has the exact same Taxi Jam (pkd) / Top Cat's Taxi Jam (pki) Both has a Nickelodeon Central area Both has a trokia Both has a racing side by side wooden coaster Both has IJSC (pkd) / IJST (pki) Both has Bubba Gump's Shrimp Shack Different about PKD Has an outdoor Tomb Raider ride Has Volcano, The Blast Coaster Has a 56 seat Drop Zone Still has Flying Eagles Still has antique cars ride Has a bobsleigh coaster Has Ricochet Still has it's togo stand-up (Shockwave) Has a floorless topspin Has 4 launch coasters Has Grizzy a figure 8 wooden coaster Has a nonsplit racing coaster Different about PKI Has Face Off Has Son of Beast Has a giant topspin Has an indoor Tomb Raider Ride Has 2 launch coaster Has an updated waterpark Has an updated Nickelodeon Universe Has an antenna on thier Drop Zone Has Adventure Express Has The Beast Has a wooden looper Has the longest woodie in the world I can keep going but now it's your turn... :P
  12. Yay! lol. I want one badly at pkd.. I could really imagine that! It would fit well in the Grove!
  13. TRexRage1993 read my mind!! I was thinking the same thing when I saw the commercail... I was thinking it was alot like Tomb Raider without the tomb and all that anchient stuff... lol! :lol: I wonder if they could make a ride out of it a pkd with a Huss jump 2 with the seats facing outwords! That would be sweet! :D
  14. It's pobally all the same layout with some small fixes... More ground work pictures taken on 12-9-05 http://www.kingsdominion.com/News/photo_ga...cfm?item_id=269
  15. This may sound odd to all of you pki goers but I thought Vortex goes down into a tunnel in inversions 5 and 6. lol. Well at least from videos it looks like it. lol.
  16. Corect me if im wrong but I belive Italian Job: Stunt Coaster opens on April 1, 2006 on the parks 2006 opening day. The only things that is different about it is, the name changed and the new sound system... Is it also true that the cars vibrate down into the subway?
  17. Kong Fu Guy told me that Addam's Family coaster is going into pki in 2007 and it's not even officail. He said that T-rex told him that... lol... Could be true that it could be going up but then again... he makes up lies! :lol:
  18. I've ridden it twice and the ride has gotten rough... After the drop it's kinda boring but just a little bit of fun before you hit the bunny hop and fall into the break run... XLC is pretty much a very intense launch coaster as the XLC part says it (Xtreme Launch Coaster) I don't ride it much because in too chicken to redo that launch but all in all it's too rough! They need to fix up that track again and it will be smooth as glass once again and more enjoyable. ;)
  19. Post by: Mr.SkyRider_RIP - Plus, next year I have to choose either Dorney Park, Geauga Lake, Paramount's Kings Dominion or LaRonde (most likely LaRonde, because it isn't as far, and it would be more of a vacation rather than just going there for the park). ^ Try Paramount's Kings Dominion... even though it's probally the furthest you should give it a try. No doubt that Volcano and posiblly Tomb Raider: Firefall will make your trip good! Nice long trip report by the way... I read the whole thing...
  20. Looks like the grudge. That pic scares me!
  21. Hahaha. We have the Congo section at Kings Dominion. Even if the Congo is in Africa it does really feel like an asain theme in that area. Tomb Raider: Firefall works there perfecty because its a cambodian theme ride. Im cambodian too!!! lol! Anyways Volcano fits there perfectly too! Tomb Raider: Grill is an awsome newly and highly themed resterant that we got in 2005 which is this year. Anaconda works too. Considering that there is congo music throught the congo it really brings an African place to an asian feeling. Sad that there is Scrambler sitting next to Volcano but at least it has a congo like sign to the ride and congo like colors. Did anyone know that there is a waterfall that comes right down on the backside of the Volcano which is rearly taken in pictures but 100% visable and you can stand right in front of it. The only rides that don't work in that area is FOF the spaced themed ride and Avalanche the ice bobslead ride but its cool that it goes right over the volcano's side and all. Tomb Raider: Firefall catches everyones attention when they enter the congo. I hear alot of people say lord god mercy im not rideing that and oh you can't pay me to ride that. lol. All of those complimaints were towrds directily to Tomb Raider: Firefall and alot of people really do start crowding the stairs of the ride sitting which is really crowded that most of the time you have to go all the way around them and not to mension that the stairs are twice the side of the length of trff from the bottom with 4 rows of stair cases. Everyone watchs in ouuu, ahhh, omg, thad make me sick and whoa when the ride flips as they watch. Not to mension that it feel good to get ALOT of attention and eyes staring at you during the trff ride. Trff gets the most spectator to whach any rides in the park. Lines go up from 30min to 1hour and 30mins. I love the congo! The most crowded area in the park! :lol: I think pki could be adding the congo very soon with your own Volcano and you guys would be going hahaha we have volcano and it's way better than yours with the same layout and I'll be like so we have one too and its the original. lol! :lol: :lol:
  22. no no no no! For one i want to keep this theme. For 1 I HATE star trek because in va people think its gay and for the GEEKS. I love the theme we already have. Why would they spend their money on theming again when theres already theme and give up on buying a new ride? Mod Edit: Please don't use that kind of language here. Thank you. You have been warned.[/color][/code]
  23. wait you re-did the fourms? You used to have more members?
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