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  1. shnave

    Son of Beast to be partly rebuilt

    The best thing they could do with SOB is hold a huge end-of-the-year bonfire. I would be first in line to roast a marshmellow over the smoldering piece of crap.
  2. Does anyone have any pics of Flight Commander? If you do, please share. Thanks!
  3. shnave

    new ride

    I'm gonna say that with SOB as the primary focus right now, plus the company buy-out, there is little to no chance that anything significant will be added for next year. But by the time 2008 rolls around CF will have their crap together and be planning something amazing.
  4. shnave

    De-Paramountization Timeline Topic

    Due to a recent "business decision", Winterfest is cancelled for 2006 and all tickets already sold are being refunded.
  5. shnave

    De-Paramountization Timeline Topic

    Sometime in June - the majority of the coporate staff is terminated. The Ecology (Custodial) Dept. gets a 54% budget cut. The Rides Dept. gets a 40% cut. Winterfest's last year will be this year. Also, Tech Services/Maintenence will soon undergo staffing cuts and the Rides Dept. will shift their primary concentration to Capacity and Cleanliness, rather than meticulous safety.
  6. shnave

    The Beast

    Just ride it you pansy.
  7. shnave

    Nights of Fire

    For July 1-4, the park closes at 11.
  8. shnave

    Nights of Fire

    Only some rides close early, and they don't close for good. Today (saturday) Face/Off didn't close until 11 and Congo Falls only closed from 10-1020. And today wasn't packed at all, there were not any lines after the fireworks.
  9. shnave

    Haunted King's Island

    for the sake of literacy, learn how to spell/type/use english correctly before posting again. your grammar and spelling is atrocious.
  10. shnave

    Son of Beast

    Hmm I never did hear about that. Well as long as it works good and is (hopefully) smoother, then I'll be happy.
  11. shnave

    Son of Beast

    Thanks, although that sucks. By the way why are they retracking it in the first place?
  12. shnave

    Son of Beast

    Is SOB not ready yet because of the re-tracking?
  13. shnave


    What's the answer/circumstances to the casualties question?
  14. shnave

    Past?Present Ride Ops

    So I worked at Winterfest this season, and am going to return for the summer, hoping to work rides. I wanted input from those with such experience as to why or why not working rides is fun, and I was wondering how the management assigns rides to associates. Thanks guys.
  15. shnave

    King Cobra Info

    So the track is lying outside, thats cool... But the cars are in the FOF building?