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  1. Thanks Cool about your mom. I have to say my parent's use to take us all over just to go to amusement parks. Our Family use to take Motorhome trips just to parks, I have way to many defunct Parks to count. Though after my dad died in 2000 my mom still get into riding the coasters with the grand kids. She loves to spoil them. :D
  2. You can also look at Dorney and Hercules. Another wooden coaster bites the dust. Maintance will kill this one I think. They have had way to many problems I think this could be it for SOB.
  3. Just checked out ACE's web site and they still have the walk back ERT privigles even if you don't have a pass.
  4. yeah I did that for many parks that I went too. My greatest find was keeping my 1976 Magic Mountain map showing Great American Revolution as the new addidtion. I'll have to look at my stuff and see what I have. Too much stuff now.
  5. Hey all, I just got the first batch of my video's up over at YouTube, My latest addition is the Original Elitch Gardens Mister Twister. More are planed for later. ;) Mark
  6. Very Cool! What's funny I was visiting the park one time and the buyout company let a few of in for free, I was just meeting with PR dept. and someone from the company asked if we wanted to come in.
  7. I really didn't put that video up just a friend that I knew way back when ACE first started. Hey posted it and other good stuff on Youtube.
  8. Hey everyone I just got a email and link to a long time Acer and coaster person that has posted a link to his personal Bat video.Bat video
  9. First getting to ride the bat 8 times, second riding the Beast with no brakes ( man what a rush) 4 times. 2 in the morning with the late Ruth Voss, and later that week night ride with a football team at closing. Let's just say I all you need is 10 feet of the second lift hill. Too give you a prescective you go past the second e vac stairs. Last riding many of the coaster at a event with weird Al.
  10. Did the bat in SM wish NL had more like SM tracks.
  11. Did the bat in SM wish NL had more like SM tracks.
  12. I'm working on that, as soon as I get most of the video's done I'm going to be doing a few uploads to some sites. KI stuff will most likely end up here.
  13. I got to ride the Bat 8 times the last day it operated. It was a cool ride but every rough. I'm finally getting most of my video's transfered to DVD and I found a gem as in a rare video from the park just after the ride was completed. You could hear the metal bang from the swing on the side to side parts.. I did post a video of the ride here on the website for those to view. A Arrow promo. video and a kids world news clip. Mark
  14. I think the ride you might be thinking about is the tech. name was Boat tag and they had a land version tank tag. several parks had them.
  15. I love it, I guess I'm showing my age! :rolleyes: I use to do that away back when----I started out using a small booklet and use to keep track that way then to a day planner and then I used a 3.1 windows computer program that use to track them, then when I moved up with various programs, ended up using a PDA until it got crushed at work. :( . Now with kids I just track what I've ridden.
  16. Just got this E mail from a friend and it look good for Zingo.http://www.kotv.com/news/local/story/?id=121225 :D
  17. Chris that is the sameone I let Donald post on this site. ;)
  18. Firecracker was there one year after raven, and it was a pinfari model not like the Wildcat at CP. Wildcat was a Schwarzkopf model. As for the steel coaster idea Will Koch has said that they would like to add a steel coaster but that will be down the line. He also said he likes inverted coasters.
  19. Well for me I haven't been to KI in so long I need to get back there this year. I hope to do the Con. this year. ;)
  20. There were also never any cables as in all the three years I was there it just had the extra bracing support for the ride. As for the death thing there where never any deaths on the ride, the maintance couldn't keep the ride going for more than a few hours in a day before the ride would shut down. Arrow came in and did many adjustments to the ride but after all there work, they wanted KI to pour more money into it to get it fixed.
  21. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, Two best memories are one rideing the Beast in the morning with the late Ruth Voss and the maintance men turned off all the brakes, :D ;) then we flew thur the ride. The second was riding the beast with a pro football team and the computer couldn't keep up with the brake controls so let just say we flew thur the whole ride. Last one was getting to KI and riding the Bat. :D :o
  22. Let see 1. Holiday World 2. Idora park (defunct) 3. Old Elitch Gardens (defunct) 4. Kennywood 5. any other major chain parks ;)
  23. Droid72, thats a another person that has that site. But Yes I do have a gold mine of video's that have to be transfer from VHS, 8mm to digital to get them uploaded. You can see some of my stuff over at http://www.coasterfanatics.com/ in the video section. Yes you do have to become a member to view most them. Some 80's comercials are the had ones to find. :blink:
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