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  1. you would be correct. Look at it as you walk by today, you can clearly see it's a basketball hoop with a little more added. Wait til it's done, you will really get a good look at the entire area. It's a 3pt shot challenge, like the one that college and pro athletes compete in: timed, several racks of balls, that type of thing. I don't know all the specifics on rules myself, but that's what it is.
  2. I know exactly what is going into that space and can tell you that it will not take long to construct. By the beginning of next week, you should see exaclty what is going into that space. And yes, there is supposed to be a big square.
  3. the cedar fair reps were at PKI yesterday... I guess to seal the deal.
  4. kings island will still get rides...
  5. well, I am not sure if I have seen it on this forum, but I do know this has been discussed before. If I remember correctly, the shirt says "Top Gun: The Jet Coaster" which is actually the name of Paramount's carowinds Top Gun ride, which was built in '99. I think they were supposed to go to Carowinds, but somehow a mistake was made and Kings Island ended up with them.
  6. i liked the may 27th photos best.
  7. let me explain it a tad easier... they don't have to play this week. They get to move on to week two for "free".
  8. I am not sure, but I think they may be the floodlights used to change the color of the eiffel tower during winterfest.
  9. yes, I went to cedar point this year already and will be going to dollywood, carowinds, and at least one other park this summer.
  10. yes, I bet a lot of people would have been frustrated if we started charging for our waterpark.
  11. Ive seen the episode of Billy and Mandy with Fred, but I dont believe they ever mention his name so the kids still wouldnt know who he is... just some random caveman that was dug up by Billy.
  12. it doesnt matter if it's dc or marvel... my mistake guys, but the point is still valid.
  13. but GL was one park run by a chain who had the rights to the Marvel theme... CF just bought a whole chain of parks who wont just be leaving a chain, they are the chain. It's a different situation.
  14. just so you know, super, the name of the train is Azul. It's Azul's Adventure, not the adventure of the color blue.
  15. well, that's exactly what I am worried about... You buy the competition, let it slowly die a painful death, then everyone flocks to the flagship. Now, I dont think that would happen, but I suppose it could. I am sure sandusky would really like the boost it would bring to tourism. Anyways, they have their ups and downs for PKI. It could bring a monopoly control and bring prices up. It could also cause prices to lower, just as CP did this year. We'd have to wait and see on that. Any chain the buys the park will have its potential perks and its downfalls...
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