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  1. Music would be nice but I've never really been in line long enough to pay much attention to what goes on outside the space ship.
  2. I agree, Cedar Point is already one of, if not the, biggest coaster parks in the country. I see no reason to have two coaster parks in the same state. I think CF should aim KI's attractions toward families since they have CP aimed at the coaster junkies.
  3. I think HH should have be treated like a R-rated horror movie. 17 and older unless you are with your parents. I know some may not agree, but this seems reasonable to me since the content of HH is basically the same as an R-rated movie. I also think having an age restriction will cut down on a lot of the complaints from the stupid people who couldn't be bothered to read the signs about mature content that were posted in front of attractions like Club blood and Dead awakening. Of course, I think that, if you can't be bothered to read the signs that say that the attraction has mature content that isn't appropriate for children or you just ignore it and take your kids in anyway, you shouldn't be allowed to complain about it.
  4. katreina


    I think I'd be happier with the renovations than with a new ride, especially if it means that all of the rides will be running right next year *cough*tomb raider*cough*. Of course, I wouldn't complain if they decided to replace spongebob at actionfx with something else.
  5. I've never been to the park in the fall but I'm going to HH this weekend and was wondering if the water rides were still open this late in the season. Also, and please don't shoot me for this, is Tomb Raider running even close to right or at all? Just wondering if I should even bother with it when I get there.
  6. What's that? I'm planning on going to Halloween Haunt next Saturday but I never went to FearFest so I'm not familiar with the things they had. I also wondered if they still had the water rides open this late in the year? It's a movie in Action F/X Theater about a lady named Elvira with a theme park that is evil. "Scream park". sounds cool. Of course, it's good to see something in there that's not spongebob-even if it's only temporary.
  7. What's that? I'm planning on going to Halloween Haunt next Saturday but I never went to FearFest so I'm not familiar with the things they had. I also wondered if they still had the water rides open this late in the year?
  8. A friend of mine was telling me about her trip to Cedar Point during one of their halloween weekends awhile back and she mentioned that they had it set up so that you had to go through a haunted attraction to get on some of the rides. I realize that Halloween Haunt is a completely new thing this year and things may be different, but I was wondering if Fear Fest was set up the same as what she told me about cedar point.
  9. sounds like you had a pretty good trip. If you haven't been in six years, the lap bars on flight of fear may not have been there the last time you went since they replaced the OTSR in 01 or 02 TOPGUN1993 Edit: Do not Quote the post right above yours.
  10. I've only been to timberwolf once and it was in 99 but I think the rows start with single letters and then go to double. One way to tell for sure is by your ticket price. if you got the lower priced seats you're probably in row 30. I'm sure you could also call the park's customer service and they could tell you for sure.
  11. thanks for posting that. I was going to go to the ohio state fair and see him but going to ki would be so much cooler.
  12. I rode it on the fourth and everything was working except the lava wasn't shooting up and the music wasn't on. I asked the ride operator and she said they were waiting for a chip for their sound system and the music would be back as soon as it came in.
  13. I've never been to fear fest, but I'm thinking of going this year. I don't like haunted houses at all so I'm wondering what else there is to do during the event. What rides do they run at night and such.
  14. I went yesterday and it was not crowded at all. I walked onto almost every ride I went on and waited no more than 10 or 15 minutes on the rides that had a line. I've gone almost every year on the 4th, even when they were having the big celebration on that day and it's never been more crowded than it was yesterday.
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