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    Scooby Haunted Castle Retheme?

    Carowinds PR Dani Swords just said on Clint Novaks podcast "In the Loop" That the scooby gang will be leaving this season. And they asked what would happen to the dark ride and she said "yeah it will be rethemed too" So whats in-store for Kings Island Scooby-doo & the Haunted Castle?
  2. TOPGUN1993

    PTR:Cedar Point 10/24/2009

    That last picture of Demondrop is very cool looking! Glad you had a good time despite the bad weather and crowds.... I went Sunday and it was empty... sorry. And those MF "poles" were for trimbrakes.
  3. TOPGUN1993

    ALL TICKETS NOW CLAIMED - Be One of the Last to Ride SDATHC

    You pick up your "voucher" the day of..... now lets calm down. ;)
  4. TOPGUN1993

    This vs that

    Great Bear.. But I guess I'll say Raptor (I rode it yesterday infact :P) Gemini Red vs. Gemini Blue?
  5. TOPGUN1993

    Goodbye Cedar Point, hello... Knott's?!?

    I haven't read the artical yet but I would be VERY upset if Demondrop was removed from CP. I missed it my last CP trip (first trip since 2007) was in Aug. It's my favorite non coaster.... sigh
  6. TOPGUN1993

    Son of Beast Closed for Rest of 2009- Maybe Forever

    Yeah, I'd just suspect early rehab... Just look at Blue Racer and back when Adventure Express had 3 trains. Just trying to get a head start on things.
  7. TOPGUN1993

    Son of Beast Closed for Rest of 2009- Maybe Forever

    I rode Adventure Express before haunt (shocking) and I saw the Red and Blue Son of Beast trains in the gravel area just near the station on the ground.
  8. TOPGUN1993

    This vs that

    Intamin Launchers......... Mmmm Storm Runner Funnel Cakes or Elephant Ears
  9. TOPGUN1993

    This vs that

    LaRosas Pizza, sorry Don :P Adventure Express 1st Tunnel or 2nd Tunnel?
  10. TOPGUN1993

    Son of Beast Closed for Rest of 2009- Maybe Forever

    The Red trains logo has been missing all season.
  11. TOPGUN1993

    9/25/09 First Haunt Night PTR

    Give it time, I heard only 1 of the 8 or so Fog Machines on Tombstone was working properly. First weekend issues can be fixed.
  12. TOPGUN1993

    Review of the Haunt

    You forgot Urgent Scare :P
  13. TOPGUN1993

    Chang officially being removed

    I thought T2 was better then chang..... so I'm not really upset about this news.
  14. TOPGUN1993

    Going to KI P&G Day

    Great TR, thanks for sharing! Vortex can give some good rides.
  15. TOPGUN1993

    Best Day to Go???

    Expect all of Nick U rides to be closed along with, Viking Fury, Grand Carousel, Eiffel Tower, FX theater, White Water Canyon, Congo Falls, Log Flume. Chance these rides won't operate during Haunt hours. -TOPGUN/Flighdeck -Scrambler -Dodgem -Zepher -Shake Rattle & Roll
  16. TOPGUN1993

    Best Day to Go???

    Sundays are FAR less crowed then Saturdays. But remember there is no Haunt on "most" Sundays. And Expect Nick U to be PACKED on Sundays.
  17. So there on the Fantasy Farm land? Very Intresting.
  18. So all the current attractions will remain the same? smallworld, pooh etc?
  19. TOPGUN1993

    Scooby Haunted Castle Retheme?

    Six Flags St. Louis has a Scooby themed dark ride. That being said what really keeps KI from retaining a scooby themed dark ride, we might just loose the scooby merchandise and walk around characters.
  20. TOPGUN1993

    2009 Golden Tickets!

    Diamondback blew Nitro away, It def deserves to be above it.
  21. TOPGUN1993

    Rank Ride Manufacturers

    1. Arrow 2. Intamin 3. B&M 4. Schwarzkopf 5. Gravity Group 6. Custom Coasters International 7. Gerstlauer 8. Premier 9. HUSS 10. Great Coasters International
  22. TOPGUN1993

    Walt Disney World PTR

    Great pics Ty, you take better photos then you may think.
  23. TOPGUN1993

    Cedar Point Announces SHOOT THE RAPIDS