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  1. That would be Batman Ride Of Steel at Six Flags Canadaland
  2. op 10 wood: 1. Boulder Dash - Lake Compounce 2. The Legend - Holiday World 3. The Voyage - Holiday World 4. Kentucky Rumbler - Beechbend 5. J2 - Clementon 6. Cornball Express - Indiana Beach 7. Yankee Cannonball - Canobie Lake 8. Cyclops - Mt. Olympus 9. Cyclone - Astroland 10. (tie) Grizzly - Kings Dominion/Raven - Holiday World Top 10 steel: 1. Superman Ride Of Steel - Six Flags New England 2. Apollo's Chariot - Busch Gardens Europe 3. Phantom's Revenge - Kennywood 4. Raptor - Cedar Point 5. Maverick - Cedar Point 6. Volcano: The Blast Coaster - Kings Dominion 7. Chang - Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom 8. Magnum XL200 - Cedar Point 9. Deja Vu Six Flags Great America 10. Batman: The Ride - Six Flags Great America Bottom three steel are kind of messed up, I have a hard time filling those in. Top 5 favorite parks: 1. Lake Compounce - Bristol, CT 2. Busch Gardens Europe - Williamsburg, VA 3. Indiana Beach - Monticello, IN 4. Canobie Lake - Salem, NH 5. Kennywood - Pittsburgh, PA
  3. I have been to all of those besides SFSTL. I had the most fun at IB. And I actually like SFKK... a lot.
  4. My home park does free pepsi too so thats not a big thing to me. I had a lot more fun at IB than I did at Holiday World (HW is a good park though...).
  5. Best park in the midwest by far.
  6. Only registered for the arcade..... And that.
  7. I only rode Dropzone and Delirium, and Delirium sucks, so I guess Dropzone.
  8. At PKI.... both kinda suck. But overall i like wooden coasters more because of the out of control feeling that steels don't have.
  9. Started May 06, finished in October 06. The supports on this ride are about 80% custom. Only the main structure (with no wide supports) were from the auto supporter, and extreme modding was done to those as well to make them more realistic. The station is completely made out of supports. It did have gates at one time, but somehow they got lost, and they're so hard to line up I just didn't redo them. For those of you who have already downloaded it on Coastersims, Coaster Fuel, or WWS/Coaster Crazy, I have done some modding today. The second hill had a lot of undersupported spots, so I added ledgers to places that I think would be too stressed. Spots like that would make "soft spots" or "potholes" in real life, and would be dealt with in the same way. Here are some pics of it as it was being built. You need the track packager to open this ride. It can be found here. This ride is also NoLimits 1.55 friendly; no improved friction is required Run_To_The_Hills.zip
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