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  1. okay so let me tell you a little about me: about 2 years ago i was deathly scared of coasters. top gun and adventure express were my best friends. until wanted me to get on beast. so of course i was like "hell no" but i think i was made to get on. so after that ride i thought "well someones inviting me to go to cedar point (land of mostly rides over 200 feet high its seems) so might as well go". the deal being i have to ride everything. the perfect time to get over my fear. so here i go last year to cedar point, never have even rode the raptor. so of course last year i rode EVERYTHING! from raptor, mantis, to the big great greatest ride millennium force. the one thing i was scared to death to ride and absolutly wouldn't was DRAGSTER! so this year the same deal was up. so here goes the start of my lil report...while listening to beastie boys haha. ok so the first ride to go on had to be the one to get my fear over...the DRAGSTER! man i was shaking before and after. that ride was just insane...i don't know whether to say i will ride it again (probably) but man that ride is just crazy. the take off scared me $hitless.....wow. but the wait was only about 1 hour. ok so after that i felt confident that i could ride everything! so we head over to maverick...that ride is just amazing...it has so many suprizes. its so smooth, except for the sudden twist where you might break your neck. but most of all its just a FUN ride. nothing there to be a record breaker but truely as fun as Mforce. the wait said 1 1/2 hours. but if that person wouldn't of thrown up to where they shut down the ride to clean it would've been shorter. but even with the shut down it was exactly 1 1/2 hour. next was skyhawk...one of my favorite flat rides. except its sooooooo short...seemed shorter but whatever. great ride though. i think my name says that i might just like it. oh yeah and the wait was 30 minutes. FOOD TIME!....overpriced <_< next Mforce. wait 1 1/2 hours. all that can be said is greatest caoster of all time. after this we headed straight over to power tower. man im sorry to lovers of drop rides but this scared me to death and last year i hated it too. theres just something about them i hate...they should be burned to the ground. except for the up tower that;s niice. oh yeah and the wait probably wasn't even 5 minutes 0.o WICKED TWISTER...i love that thing. we sat like 3 seats from the front so you get the best of one side at least...i love how it looks like your just gonna crack threw the top. man i swear this girl behind me and her geeky husband who wouldn't shut up were the strangest couple. we had the pop-bottle glasses and he lifted up his shirt and he was like really big and hairy )-: but she was like really tall, skinny and blonde. i bet shes a golddigger. i hope i didn't offend anyone because im pretty chubby myself lol...15 minute line okay so mAxair was next. 15 minutes to wait. pretty much the same a kings island i think at least. lol so last was raptor....i will admit that to me this ride is just "ok". sure it flips ya so many times but its alrite. they take VIDEOS on that thing and you can buy a dvd copy. how embaressing. anyway i sat all the way in the back...so got some whiplash but i still think the hill is pretty sweet. and we left...truely i don't think we rode much but i was so tired but i my fun. please comment and im sorry its not a kings island report but i haven't gone there yet and its all owned by the same people so whatever. and im really sorry if things are spelled wrong. im in a hurry just to write it all and ill probably be back to rewrite...this is my first one so i hope it was ok.
  2. as you can tell i really like skyhawk
  3. 1. millenium force 2. Wicked Twister 3. beast 4. top gun 5. disator transport haha...sry i have loved it since i was like 5 and i still do
  4. acturally i think they have a tips page...but i will tell you that going on the weekends are HELL...i went on a weekday and even the raptor had a 2 hour wait....but i will say that you wanna go right at the start of when it opens and probably wanna head and ride Melinum Force(sorry about spelling), dragster, and the new maverick...they are probably the most popular. my personal favorite is wicked twister. its just awesome. also skyhawk...hehe its my name
  5. well im about to go to virginia in a week and saw busch gardens just happened to be there...just wondering if that place is worth going to....its $54.95....i could probably get discount tickets somewhere...but i looked up the rides and it didn't have many coasters and i dont even think it had many ground rides either...it may not of listed everything but i just wanna know if anyone here has been there and if its worth it :-/
  6. you know i think that TRTR might be going through one of those changes sadly already with the other post of it being shut down and a new programed being installed...sadly...i loved TRTR
  7. i wanna be on nick )-: no fair...ive been sucha loyal devoted fan for many year :P
  8. hahaha yeah so i always get nervous before rides i have never rode so im standing in line for delirium and getting nervous just to get on and i always think about wether the bars are gonna pop off and im gonna go flying away so somewhere and die, so im watching it swing back and forth back and forth hearing all the people scream and kick their feet and we're the next ones on already counted off and finally i can't take it and i have to throw up so i run toward the trash can and unleash it all. so yea i think thats the only time i have thrown up (-: but i rode it later that year to find it to be like the most awesome ride there
  9. i never been there so i have no idea what its like but do you think they have an intension of selling the place?
  10. i didnt like the funhouse ride i found it boring, but i guess if its not in 3-d then i would find it boring OMG 100th Post YAY
  11. Skyhawk_91


    i really really hope that we get x-flight no offense to all the kidz but i hate all this kiddy ride stuff, look at burger king, they finally said HEY we need to separate the big kids from the lil kids, so they gave the big kids something too
  12. Me too! But they'd have to play Technologic, Digital Love, and One More Time. :D I would pay over $100 to go see Lasgo or 4 Strings. I would also go to see "Weird" Al, KELLY (Shoes), and DJ Tiesto too, just no pay as much. :P Edit: I wonder what the turnout was to go see Raven Symone... haha kelly(shoes) i bought the album on myspace for a christmas present for someone haha she....or is it he is sooooo funny let me borrow that top betch
  13. okay im really sorry but i have no idea whats going on 1. why isnt there a schedule of when we play so that we know when theres a challenge 2. ive never played so i dont know how to play these challenges, like this break the plates thing, i had no idea how to play, so could we have instructions?
  14. come to concert at kings island me my bands would probably never come. my chemical romance or panic at the disco
  15. isnt there anyway i can do this cause i want a different name lol
  16. Okay so I wasn't alive when The Bat was around. So which was better? Overall ride wise. I know people complain about how short Top Gun is, so was The Bat longer? By the way i don't mean to be a spamer but uh if you like My Chemical Romance and would like to see them i found this site that kinda helps people demand artist in cities. So i guess this is just wishfull thinking but if you would like to demand them for columbus, ohio the link is below http://eventful.com/demand/D0-001-000004741-7
  17. this kinda ties in with shrek coming to kings island...do you thin shrek 4-D could replace it?
  18. could this be the x-flight spot if we were to get it
  19. did anyone see that amusement parks want schools to start later...like after labor day...that would be awesome...i guess they complain that attendence goes down after school starts.
  20. well im sorry for whining im just voicing my opinion on what i think would bring more people...i mean i cant say it would but i just find that whenever i got to kings island and cedar point it tends to be morely popular at cedar point and people always tell me that kings island sucks and that they have like small rides that arent worth the drive and money. Which i dont think kings island sucks but that it might wanna invest in something bigger for a moment
  21. yea seriously a hypercoaster is needed way badly.... i like that kings island wants to be a family park but isnt there a coaster enthusist in every family...not everyone wants to spend all day in kiddy land :D
  22. by the way PKILIfeguard where do you get those banners for your signature????
  23. is it possible it will be a movie theme...you know since the rights are owned still
  24. that would be F@^*in sweet if it was moved to Kings Island....is that possible?
  25. haha rip off thats like as much as what i paid for last years pass
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