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  1. I was just wondering what Kings Island crowds are like on a Sunday in October?
  2. New haunt website is up now, http://www.visitkingsisland.com/haunt/
  3. Yes but technically the page was right since an announcement was made regarding something new in 2012 ;)
  4. technically it was an August announcement since they told us that there would be an announcement if you get what im saying!
  5. ^ Yes i agree the water park hasn't had an addition since '05 I believe. Also a new water ride in the park would be neat! Although the three letters could stand for SOB ;). But we may get three flat rides, but I wanna dream and hope for something big! :D
  6. Well I can't believe no one has started a topic to discuss this yet, but what does everyone think about Kings Island's Facebook page which has a picture stating that, what is new for 2012 can be found on their page, it also has three caption boxes which seem to have question marks encased in water ? What do you guys think the announcements will be?, When do you think they will announce them? Sorry i meant to name the thread, "New for 2012?".
  7. I've heard there is a lot of rumors swirling around about Kings Island maybe getting a new ride in 2012/13 or maybe reviving Son of Beast, also the facebook page "Save Son of Beast" claims to have inside connections to the park and said, " all i can say is august", this was a response to the question of ,"when will a announcement be made?" . Anyone heard anything?
  8. I still think it is a bit over-priced considering how disney and orlando studios have similar systems for free. I now however see why the pricing is so steep, if it was 20 bucks everyone would buy it thinking it is a grand deal to not have to wait in line but then the fast lane lines would be just as crowded as the regular lines so you would be getting ripped off.
  9. That's a terrible price for this!!
  10. Nice Picture! The lighting of the ride with the mist makes the picture interesting!
  11. Kings Island released the following today, My link
  12. If you think about it the beast gets much of it's time on lift-hills that drag you up very slowly.
  13. Anyone have a estimate of how much it would cost to tear down a ride of its size?
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