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  1. Cedar point is a thrill seekers paradise I went for the first time last year in early october.I don't know how the crowds will be when you go, but since you have two days in the park you should be able to do everything you want to do. When I went last I was so busy I didn't eat the entire 12 hours I was there I did slow down enough to grab one drink. My big advice is to study the map and try to get millenium force first in the morning also I think maverick and Meanstreak are closed or have a lot of issues in the morning so hit them later in the afternoon or at night.So have fun at Cedar Point
  2. I have been thinking about what i last said about kentucky kingdom and i'm starting to think they should just turn it into a waterpark.
  3. Personally I feel that reopen kentucky kingdom would be a big mistake and not worth all the trouble.
  4. I'd go for the grand opening all at once is always best
  5. Waiting for kI to open

  6. Does anybody have some pictures of cinema 180 at Kings Island and/or some good information about it.
  7. It's good to see that they're finally taking care of flight deck's paint job issue. I hope that they bring back the original paint job of red,light blue and silver. :)
  8. To answer your question the top platform is open to the public most of the time I go the topp platform is open but every now and again the lower one is open.
  9. A 4-D coaster is an excellent idea for the x base and maybe some sort of flight simulating flat ride wouldn't hurt either.
  10. The Voyage PTC is slightly smoother than the Raven PTC but not much smoother; you can hardly tell of course it maybe just me but my friend seemed to think so too when we went on the Fourth of July.
  11. I think you should be able to get your season pass processed when your there
  12. thanks for replying if you do find out please tell me. <_< <_<
  13. what four companies are interested in kentucky kingdom
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