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    The Beast!!!!/Vortex/Face/Off

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    any rollercoasters that go very high, and fast

    CEDAR POINT!!!!!!!!!
  1. yea! are there gonna be any type of thrill rides like bobsleds or anythings like that??
  2. cool wow this has to do with PKI how??? i hate canobiefan
  3. they were really cool in all the houeses and mazes. that would be sweet if somone could get the soundtracks to it! i hate canobiefan!!!!! :angry:
  4. does ANYONE have any construction pics or any idea of wut kinda new coaster it is????????? gimme links
  5. TTD is way better because all the six flags ppl wanted to do is beat Cedar Point at one thing-lol all kingda ka does is toot a horn but TTD has the engines n liights n all the sweet sounds and viewing areas
  6. MiniManJZ


    hey cedar point is #1 PKI is #2 sorry everyone
  7. MiniManJZ

    I noticed

    yea most of the coasters especially vortex and beast are really baddly drawn i mean i could do better GO BIG MOE!!!!!!!!!
  8. its pretty sweet im workin on the Beast now no screeen shots yet tho
  9. MiniManJZ


    Dont steal from Cedar Point!!! Cedar Point is the best theme park ever created in the history of history
  10. Drop Zone???? I was thinking about TG at Carowinds but really wanted Volcano the effects and just the ride look soooooooooo cool
  11. idk i chose my fav from the other parks think of it as picking a coaster to transfer from on park to another and the ride was always at PKI yea it a wierd way to think it lol
  12. yea i wud wana be on the beast for hours/as long as i could possibly stay on
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