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  1. I haven't been to Kings Island since Cedar Fair bought the park I do miss The Beast and SoB alot..I also miss Scooby-Doo!
  2. The Classic... The Vortex is sinking and King Cobra is coming back.
  3. I miss the Rainbow entrance into Hanna-Barbera Land... I like the Planet Snoopy Entrance! It's nice! Real nice... I hope Kings Island will have the peanuts characters in costumes this halloween.
  4. That's nothing new.. Kings Island is ALWAYS packed around a Holiday Weekend and it's even worse around the 4th of July holiday weekend.
  5. LOVES Thunderstorms!

  6. Wow. Seems as if Universal went the extra mile just to get the look and feel right! And they have butter beer ..How Sweet is that! I wished that paramount would have went the extra mile for it's parks when they had them so many awesome ride concepts based on paramount films that will most likely get built in the new over seas Paramount parks. It's a shame!
  7. Hey all, Just a quick question is this Snoopy’s Starlight Spectacular replacing the fireworks at KI? I mean why would I stay later to see a bunch of Christmas lights? I would if it was Winterfest..just want to know.
  8. I highly disagree! I hated it! It wasn't as fun as I thought would have been..it was generic in my view ... Even my nephew and nices asked about a dozen times.. ''Where's Scooby?!'' I'll pass it... So sad that CF gave up Scooby-Doo for... this.. I kinda hoped that they would have rethemed the castle into a Snoopy dark ride.
  9. Didn't like it... I seen the Giggling Green Ghost's arm behind the fridge!!!! Nah, even my little nephew didn't like it he missed scooby-doo! Also it was a bit more scary... I miss the zany antics of scooby and the gang!
  10. Yogi's Cave has really changed! 305 looks intense! Great PTR!
  11. Very cool. I remember when I first got a season back back in 1998... I miss those days. The park has changed alot since then.
  12. Sweet! Looking forward to seeing how Planet Snoopy turns out...not looking forward to Boo Blasters On Boo Hill I will ride it but I know I won't like it! Also looking forward to a ride on The Beast .
  13. AGREED! I also think Scooby-Doo was the best part of visitng Kings Island he is know to young and old! It's gonna be a shock to not be able to get a picture with him on my way to The Beast. Snoopy is cool but he just isn't as zany as scooby.
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