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  1. Another note to self: What one sais online can also be taken as just being a prick. So I apologize if I hurt your feelings. Silly you.
  2. ...Dude, what?! Originally, I would have answered with "cool fall evenings on the Beast," but now I'm thinking my answer is "whatever the opposite of loincloth weather is"... Ha! Its an insider between me and vekoma. But thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to make that comment. But in all reality maybe you should've just just stuck to your original answer and not worry about what i said.
  3. I myself prefer loincloth weather. Nothin like a cloth and a nice breeze to keep your attention top notch. Also Id just likem to see the ride attendants face when he's coming by to check my restraint. Check and mate my kind sir. :)
  4. Rustafarian King!

  5. I noticed that also last thursday when i went and got my pass processed. =)
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