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  1. That's not a risk I'm willing to take, Mr. Roberts. Unless everyone is wearing a mask, you are not safe. If I get this virus, that's it for me.
  2. I'm sure you're right, Mr. Roberts, but at what cost? I'd rather they go out of business than another 100,000 die because of all these places opening. Not just parks, but pools, theaters, shops, etc. To me, pools and indoor dining represent perhaps the biggest threat.
  3. I still think this is an enormous mistake, Mr. Roberts. Watching the news this weekend, and hundreds of thousands of people out at pools, boardwalks, playgrounds, beaches, parks, and restaurants. In two weeks, when those places are planning on opening, the number of cases will be rising drastically. Yes, there are a lot of people who will go, but I don't know how they can put employees or the general public at that kind of risk. Those opening dates can and likely will change, in my opinion.
  4. Personally, I'd prefer none of them open at all this year, Mr. Roberts. But I know they're all about money. The number of cases will spiral and they will likely have to close back down. Did see on the news, maybe Columbus, not sure, that the zoo is going to have drive-through tours.
  5. And in two weeks the numbers of infection from there will likely spike, Mr. Roberts. I know people want out but it's only getting deadlier. And the virus droplets live in the air for three hours, so anybody in the concession stand or bathroom that has it with no symptoms will infect whoever else was there. I'm staying home. Please be careful.
  6. Interesting, Mr. Roberts. I do think it's good they're asking for opinions from park goers.
  7. Kind of interesting stipulations, Mr. Roberts. While I see no way they can safely open this summer, maybe next year.
  8. Whatever measures they take, cases are going to skyrocket. Half capacity there is still thousands of people. Can't understand why so many are willing to risk their lives, and the lives of others, for things that don't really matter in the long run, Mr. Roberts.
  9. The very thought is terrifying, Mr. Roberts. You couldn't pay me enough to go to a park this summer.
  10. My thoughts exactly, Mr. Roberts. Someone said last week the wrong people were getting sick. I do not wish this on anyone, but it seems innocent people who are the hardest working are suffering the most. It is heartbreaking.
  11. Michigan is under a mandatory mask order, Mr. Roberts. Yesterday, a security guard at a dollar store was murdered after asking a woman to put on a mask. She spit on him, then went home and came back with her father and murdered him. Three people arrested today and charged with his murder. I'm sure the governor has good intentions, but people are evil. I fear there will be even deadlier consequences as time goes by. And the numbers of infections are going up ever higher daily. Terrifying times.
  12. And yesterday saw the highest number of deaths nationwide. Opening so many of these places without requiring masks and social distancing is a deadly mistake. No matter what state it is. I'm staying home. Otherwise, my chances of survival are slim to none, Mr. Roberts. I hope you do the same.
  13. This is going to backfire in a terrible way, Mr. Roberts. The number of deaths is increasing by the thousands daily and it's not going down anytime soon. I sincerely hope they reconsider, because the damage will be irreparable. Even 50% is so many thousands of people and they will spread it to thousands more.
  14. I agree, Mr. Roberts. It will hopefully get thrown out.
  15. We all have to just try and make the best of things, however long it lasts.
  16. That sounds like a good plan, Mr. Roberts. Time to get back home every night. He said he just liked being around people. Kids and grandkids were grown and scattered, and his wife liked to stay at home. So he worked at walmart and talked to a lot of people every day. He didn't need the money, and said they'd traveled a lot because he was in the service and just got tired staying home. That would never apply to me.
  17. As previously stated, Mr. Roberts, people are nuts. Pretty sure the word "mystic" can't be copyrighted or trademarked. Grifters gonna grift.
  18. I agree, Mr. Roberts. And doubt they will open this year, but at least it won't be abandoned or taken apart.
  19. It's good to know this won't disappear like so many have in recent years.
  20. You're right, Mr. Roberts. Used to see a lot of older people at local Lowe's. I'm sure they're still there, but I am not going out except for picking up groceries ordered online. And would get them delivered if that was possible. Just hope every day nothing breaks or quits so there's no need to have repair people here because who knows where they've been in and what they're carrying. We can do minor repairs but appliances are a big concern. Fingers crossed. Knew a guy years ago who, long retired, got bored and ended up working at walmart till he was in his eighties just to keep from being bored. Never understood that.
  21. Interesting. Don't see how that can possibly happen, Mr. Roberts. No way I could take that risk, nor could anyone older or with health issues. That's an awful big percentage of people.
  22. Such pretty scenery, if depressing right now, Mr. Roberts. That dirge music is really depressing.
  23. I think you're right, Mr. Roberts, in that it will never happen. Would cost a fortune. It would also have to meet ADA requirements so more than steps would be required. Seriously doubt it will ever change from what it is now.
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