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  1. I Am A Rider

    Rollercoaster made of Legos.

    Thanks for posting this, Mr. Roberts. Very enjoyable. Spent a lot of time with kids and Legos long ago.......still think they are a wonderful way for kids to learn and play. Hey, I still would build with them but we gave them all away years ago. And I do mean tons of them. Should have known better.......
  2. I Am A Rider

    What will be your first day?

    Hope you enjoy being there and glad you're able to make opening weekend, Mr. Roberts. Probably won't be too crowded as it is Easter weekend. Not sure when I'll be able to go so will look for your pictures and reports as to what is going on with the new coaster in particular. Have fun!
  3. I Am A Rider

    Kings Island announcement today at 4:00 pm.

    Kind of figured as much. Sounds like it will be a good show, Mr. Roberts. They do still need to build a restroom or ten........
  4. I Am A Rider

    Kings Island announcement today at 4:00 pm.

    Haven't a clue, Mr. Roberts. But perhaps a new family food place or show, though they sure could use some more bathrooms, especially in FOF area. Don't generally think of bathrooms as appealing, but when in need........
  5. I Am A Rider

    Beast's celebrates it's 35 Anniversary

    It is a nice logo.......as far as memory - my sister came close to passing out - her one and only ride on the Beast.
  6. I Am A Rider

    drop tower to become Hellevator

    Good one, Mr. ohiocolts. It does sound appropriate but I don't think it will fly, so to speak.
  7. I Am A Rider

    Top 12 Amusement Parks in the USA

    I think that's an excellent idea, Mr. Roberts. I for one have no interest in water parks and don't go to them. When they redid the one at KI I went over to look about and haven't been back in that area since. There are certainly plenty of other parks worthy of such lists. But of course that's just one person or group's opinion and we all like different things. We enjoy people watching as we get older and you can do that at any park. And the terrain at Holiday World is very hilly - like the Cincy zoo - and so is difficult for us oldsters, but it's just a wonderful place to me. They treat people well and it's the cleanest park I have ever visited. So well run. And as previously stated, a lot to do in the area outside the park as well. Scenery is incredible - would be a great photo opportunity for you. You just can't quit looking. The nearby little town of Ferninand reminds me of the fifties......do hope you get a chance to go sometime. You need at least two or three days to cover everything. Well worth it. You could make all kinds of calendars........
  8. I Am A Rider

    Top 12 Amusement Parks in the USA

    Wonder just how they rank these, Mr. Roberts. I like Busch Gardens in Florida; haven't been to the one in Williamsburg but would like to go. Still haven't made it to Universal and don't particularly care for Disney World. Been to a number of others that they don't include on this list but I'd think they were just as good. Everyone likes different things - even the people who rank them. Interesting. Went to Sea World Orlando a few years ago but didn't have time for the shows, just the rides. And it was so hot we cut it short. Holiday World may not be ranked on this particular list but it's still one of the best overall in my opinion.
  9. I Am A Rider

    Some new stuff for the 2014 season at The Beach

    I did hear this on the news somewhere yesterday, Mr. Roberts. Good they're continuing to invest in and improve the property. It should start drawing a large crowd again - if half the summer doesn't rain out. Just hope we don't have heat waves that rival this awful winter's snows and cold temps. Never been so sick of winter before. Do think there's definitely people who don't like rides who prefer the Beach and it serves a purpose. Also just saw they're hiring 500 seasonal workers. Very good thing. Holding a job fair on-site March 15.
  10. I Am A Rider

    Roller Coaster videos

    Great video, Mr. Roberts. This does look like a ton of fun. Been near there twice (on 80) but never to the park. That area of Pennsylvania has some spectacular scenery.
  11. I Am A Rider

    Roller Coaster videos

    Been watching some of these other vids, Mr. Roberts, due to everything being closed since it's a freeze -your- tailfeathers- off- if- you- go- out day. Interesting, colorful, sometime dizzying but fun to watch. Thanks for posting these. With these temps, I think hell is officially frozen over.
  12. I Am A Rider

    Roller Coaster videos

    This reminds me of a small coaster we used to put the kids on at the state fair, long ago. Wonder if they still have it. But it was in a lot better shape than this one.......don't think I'd want to risk this, Mr. Roberts, but fun to watch. It does look quite shaky. I think most people would choose Cedar Point over Holiday World, but not me. Holiday World is just so well run and the cleanest park I've ever been to. Good food and reasonable prices, free drinks and sunscreen, wonderful scenery in the area and a lot of other interesting things to do outside the park. Hope you have the chance to spend a couple days there sometime. We spent a couple hours just at the Lincoln Museum - incredible. And the Abbey - you have to see it to believe it. Just so enjoyable, the entire area. Santa Claus itself is small but unique and there's a lot in the surrounding area. Comedian Louis CK was on Letterman last night --he talked about a trip he'd made to China and that it was, in his words, weird and he'd never want to go back; so much smog you could not breathe and he was apparently very uncomfortable there for a lot of reasons. Couldn't pay me to go. And you're right, there's so much in our own country still to see and do - and hopefully be safer.
  13. I Am A Rider

    Roller Coaster videos

    You're right, Mr. Roberts. Don't think they are concerned about safety at all there - hence all the products sent here with dangerous lead content that have to be recalled, etc. And I sure as heck have no interest in ever traveling there. Too far, too too much smog, and too many other things to even mention. No way, no how. But the videos are fun to watch, though the metal on metal sound and smell would scare the bejeezus out of me. There are obviously safe ways to film while riding but I think too many people would take too many risks here and someone would end up being hurt , so I do understand the restrictions in place here.
  14. I Am A Rider

    KIE photo contest for the off season of 2013/2014

    Oh, this is great, Mr. Roberts. Looks like they own the world. The babies are funny to watch. Beware the adults, though; they are protective and can be quite mean. When is the green coming back? Haven't seen anything but snow for months, it seems. I think that's the male in front - so haughty and royal. Terrific pic.
  15. I Am A Rider

    Roller Coaster videos

    Okay, Mr. Roberts, I am officially nauseated. Think that backward twist might kill me. As for traveling the world to ride coasters - great for you younger guys but someone of my age, past that time. If it's further than three hours on a plane I'm not going. But hope you get the opportunity. These are great videos. I presume the people filming have special permission of some kind as I don't know any place that just lets you film as you ride. A helmet cam would come in handy for this....... No idea about additional theming but it would make sense to continue it.
  16. I Am A Rider

    Concept art for Avatar Land at Disney.

    Thanks for posting this, Mr. Roberts. Looks very interesting. Long construction time, or so it seems. I've never been able to see the "big picture" when it comes to building things...........have to wait till it's done. Should be fun when it's completed.
  17. I Am A Rider


    Have had this same idea for years, Mr. Paramount4ever! Maybe if we keep wishing...........
  18. I Am A Rider


    I agree, Mr. Paramount4ever. It would be a great year-round destination. I personally don't find the food at Great Wolf appealing; it would certainly be a good alternative......and a much, much better view.
  19. I Am A Rider


    The old restaurant there was a favorite of mine, Mr. Paramount4ever. Have thought for years they should reopen it. And the chef could still help out in the other areas, Mr. Genesis, but I don't expect them to reopen it. It had good food, too.
  20. Interesting, Mr. Roberts. But 25 acres? That is tiny. Wonder if that will be the park in its entirety?
  21. I Am A Rider

    Bat Souviners

    Good for you, Mr. Roberts; however, second-hand smoke is also dangerous, as you well know. If that person still lives with you, tell em to get a patch - or go to a free smoking cessation clinic. They're available at all hospitals. I smoked when I was very young and stupid but fortunately learned my lesson early on. Still hope every day I don't someday have to pay the consequences......it is a terrible addiction and hard to break. Never did drink; never will. Ms. jennapooh, would like to see a picture of those. I just don't recall the stuff they sell because I care nothing about it. Life's short; what's the point saving things? Use it or donate it is my motto. Nice that your son uses the Scrappy Doo mug.
  22. I Am A Rider

    Bat Souviners

    Ms. jennapooh, you might try your luck on e-bay. Something might turn up there. I have seen KI memorabilia for sale on there before, odds and ends. Mr. Roberts, please tell me you are not the smoker with whom those cups reside. You know it will kill you and it's not a good way to die - personal experience. Same goes for high blood pressure. NOTHING is more important than your health. My old tired brain does not recall any Bat or Screamin' Demon stuff; I know it was there but lost in time. I've never been a collector of things, just music.
  23. I Am A Rider

    Kentucky Kingdom

    It is a wonderful park and has been missed.........great rides, scenic, and the best BBQ.........
  24. I Am A Rider

    Banshee Construction Progress

    Wowza, Mr. Roberts. You should make a poster out of this. Completely other-worldly - great effects. Probably right about a different crane, Mr. YS. Can't imagine the costs of those things but has to be exorbitant.
  25. I Am A Rider

    Walt Disney World park coming to China

    I agree, Mr. Paramount4ever. Can't say they have any policies I like but they do what they please. Sad.