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  1. I'm quite certain this would be frowned upon.
  2. I actually remember that, Mr. Roberts. Used to go there long ago. It was such a nice park at one time. So was Fantasy Farm. Sad they had to disappear.
  3. Ha, I had forgotten all about that place. Don't know why they moved it out; it seemed to do a lot of business for quite awhile. We never got around to trying it out. Don't remember how much it was but seems it was kind of expensive. Maybe that's why it went away.
  4. I agree this sounds like something similar to Cirque Imagine replacing Hot Blooded. That show got old years ago in my opinion. Don't care for the name Kill Mart but not my pick. I've been thinking of halloween-related attractions starting with each letter of the alphabet to amuse my wandering mind......Devil's Domain, Satan's Sauna, Ghastly Gargoyles, etc. Think I will make myself a little list just for fun. Just a silly notion for my own entertainment.
  5. Glad you located it, Mr. Roberts. For some reason it is difficult to find things in most of the major papers it seems. Wonder if they have decided what it will be called as yet. Haven't seen or heard anything else but haven't been looking either.
  6. Mr. Roberts, I scan a lot of papers and on-line sites as well, but I'm fairly sure I saw it on the Dayton Daily News and I think the Columbus Dispatch as well. I did get a hard copy of the DDN but have already recycled it - there was a fairly lengthy article in it a few days ago, Monday, I believe. You could go to their site and probably track it through their search engine - that's what I do when I miss something and someone tells me about it. Can usually locate it with sometimes a little trial and error. Both of these papers are a bit muddly at times when searching. Good luck. Sorry I didn't keep the hard copy; I'm a crazed recycler.
  7. This was finally released to the media yesterday; saw it in a few papers and on-line news sites. Sounds quite interesting.
  8. This should be interesting, Mr. Roberts. Have read somewhere, sometime, about the rougarou - and seen so-called "pictures" of it. Sounds haunting. If it's to be indoors they could have it all season - especially if it had air conditioning!
  9. I sure hope you get to go to this, Mr. Roberts. Wish I could. Both groups are old favorites.
  10. I'm in total agreement with you, Mr. Roberts. I'd never make it that long. People below would have to watch out! I watched this unfolding live on tv. Glad it wasn't me. Bet they will be doing some tree-trimming after this incident. That was a good-sized branch. Looked more like a tree. Just glad no one was seriously injured. By the way, don't know if you had time to look at news, but all the major news outlets went berserk with "how safe is your amusement park" stories after this happened. Unfortunately, accidents do occur. But the news seems to have already disappeared - a one-day wonder, I guess.
  11. There are crazoids everywhere, Mr. Roberts. What a shame. We are truly in an age where every place, and I mean every single place, should have metal detectors and security guards. It's the world we live in, unfortunately. Scary.
  12. Just a guess, Mr. Roberts, but I think things are breaking now in the heat because of the horrible winter we had. Sometimes it takes awhile......it sure did damage to our driveway that didn't show until it got warm. There were even some "earthquakes" when it started to warm up someplace in Ohio. Keeping an eye on the water pipes and hoping for the best......but there have been a huge number of water main breaks reported recently for sure. Lots of boil advisories on the news. Can't beat Mother Nature.
  13. Hopefully a backup system will prevent further backups........sorry, couldn't resist.
  14. According to the morning news, they're reopening today. Seems odd they had no backup system. Must have cost them a fortune to be shut down for two days.
  15. Glad you enjoyed the new coaster, Mr. Genesis. Hope the park does well; it was great in the past.
  16. Thanks for the info, Mr. CP&LERR Fan. Seems as if there was one more name in there somewhere but can't think of what or when it might have been - and I could be completely wrong! It was a very long time ago........
  17. Glad you liked the ride, Mr. Genesis. Have heard a lot people like the ride better at night. Forgot about Woodstock Express. Don't even remember what it was called when we used to ride with kids many many years ago.....
  18. Excellent coverage, Mr. BeastForever. Nice to see The Bat painted nice and bright. Looks so much better.
  19. The individual pods seem to move pretty quickly, Mr. Roberts. Looks fun to those who can still do the round-d-rounds. Thanks for posting; these are fun to see.
  20. Does look as if the dining plan is a good deal, Mr. ohiocolts. Glad you enjoyed Banshee. Heard a lot of people got sick from all the loops. Better ride first and eat chicken later!
  21. Okay, Mr. ohiocolts, I think you're pulling a funny. If so, I like your sense of humor. The food looks good but surely you didn't go mainly for that? And how was the Banshee? Better than the chicken?
  22. Going just for the chicken, Mr. ohiocolts? Or are you going to ride Banshee as well? Just wondering. Either way, enjoy.
  23. Think we have some guys here who like chicken a LOT. Don't personally think it's a big deal that it's not all visible. As Mr. Paramount4ever said, it's kind of interesting that a lot of it is hidden. Think it will be a great ride. Not everything has to be tall to be fun.
  24. Funny comment, Mr. Paramount4ever. Gave me a chuckle.
  25. Thanks for posting this, Mr. Roberts. Very enjoyable. Spent a lot of time with kids and Legos long ago.......still think they are a wonderful way for kids to learn and play. Hey, I still would build with them but we gave them all away years ago. And I do mean tons of them. Should have known better.......
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