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  1. At least there was good weather for the first weekend this year.
  2. I Am A Rider

    The Amusement Park Drive-in

    This sounds such fun, Mr. Roberts. A coaster in Big Sky country. I miss drive-in movies; used to go to a lot of them. Of course they were everywhere when I was young. I would watch a TV show like this.
  3. I Am A Rider

    The story of Kentucky Kingdom.

    There's a lot of this I was unaware of, Mr. Roberts. Thanks so much for posting. Very interesting to read.
  4. What a wonderful story, Mr. Roberts. Thanks for posting. Hope it lasts a very long time. Subscribed to Smithsonian for decades but ran out of time to read and stopped it a few years ago; seems I have missed a lot.
  5. Saw an episode of Pickers that featured an old coin-operated ride made in Cincy between 1951 and 1954. Instead of the usual ponies, etc., it was an original paint red metal boar. Not an amusement park ride, but still interesting They used to have some newer versions years ago at kids' arcades and malls as I recall. Never knew the company was in Cincinnati. Still hoping to have them discover an old Ferris wheel or something........
  6. Yes, I would watch as well, Mr. Roberts. I didn't see the episode you mentioned, but I do seem to recall a few years ago that some parts of a ride were found somewhere in northeastern Ohio in a barn. Maybe that was it. Don't remember what it was or exactly where, just seeing something about it on news somewhere. Could be something else entirely. I even watch repeat episodes of Pickers sometimes as don't usually catch entire episodes at once and never remember to record. Just enjoy nosing around old second hand stores, barn sales, etc. but rarely have time. There are treasures to be found if you know what to look for; we don't!
  7. Interesting thought, Mr. Roberts. The pickers I was talking about though, are the ones from the actual tv show; they are going to be in Ohio this fall looking for other things. Don't think there would be any rides in old barns but you never know. Could be parts and pieces. Be fun to look around and see. We've looked through a couple in the past and found all sorts of interesting stuff but don't collect. No room.
  8. I Am A Rider

    Panda Express vs. Chicken Shack

    Not a fan of either one.
  9. What a great idea, Mr. Roberts! I am totally hooked on American Pickers; so much fun to see what they find and a lot of it Ii remember.....would be great to have some of the old rides back for today's kids. I heard the team is supposed to be in Ohio in October but nothing definitive as yet.
  10. I Am A Rider

    Attack of the Spam-Bots

    It is odd, Mr. Roberts. No matter how good filters become, bots get better too. I have been getting a lot of spam emails of late, which is very unusual with my system. It's annoying to have to be constantly on alert for intruders on work and personal computers. Time consuming but no choice, I guess.
  11. I Am A Rider

    King Kong returning to Universal Orlando

    This sounds so fun, Mr. Roberts. Like all the King Kong movies. Had not seen this anywhere but then, haven't been looking, either! Thanks for the info.
  12. I Am A Rider

    Looking back at 2014: Banshee

    This is a great report, Mr. Roberts. Enjoyed it very much. Glad you got to ride as much as you did. Not for me; can't do the upside down thing but others like it. I still like Italian Job (though not officially a "coaster") and I still call it that; do not like when they change the names though I know it's sometimes necessary. You're right about the theming. I think they focus more on the ride anymore and that's okay with me. I see a lot of people riding the same ride over and over. Couldn't do that even when I was young. And sitting in the front does help, probably for the reason you suggested. I have never even liked riding in the back seat of a vehicle. Glad you survived the repeated rides but hope you don't do that again this summer! And yes, we certainly have come a long way since Screamin' Demon.
  13. I Am A Rider

    Looking back at 2014: Delirium

    Glad to know Coney is growing again, Mr. Roberts. Such a wonderful place. So much history. Though this ride makes me dizzy just looking at the video, I know a lot of people enjoy them. We haven't been there for some time but there was a ride there - cannot remember what it's called - that was kind of high and spinny and it had very long lines. Down past the showplace, same side, near the lagoon. Wasn't very big but very busy. Good they are able to keep the park going; a lot of people enjoy smaller places that aren't overrun with people who are only interested in coasters. Parks have a lot more to offer than that. Nostalgia has a place too. A lot of people like to go back to the "good old days." Have thought about Delirium going the way of Tomb Raider as well and have talked about it with several people, especially after taking note that the lines aren't long anymore. And no, you're definitely not crazy. Quite a few people have told me they can tell a definite difference in the ride and that they weren't bothering with it anymore. Guess we'll find out eventually.
  14. I Am A Rider

    Looking back at 2014: Delirium

    Interesting info, Mr. Roberts. I have heard other people voice similar issues with the ride. And we have noticed the lines were not nearly as long. Can't ride the spinnies anymore so can't comment personally on whether it has changed or not, but others do feel the same as you. Several said they thought after it was repaired that it was different. I do think rides are different some days depending on heat and humidity. That may or may not be for real......maybe just the way we feel on different days. But some machines are affected by weather. And I do know people who get sick on the Carousel, even kids, sadly.
  15. I Am A Rider

    Looking back at 2014: The Season Food Pass.

    Definitely be interesting to find out how they do that, Mr. Roberts. Just sounds so odd.......and here I thought deep fried pickles were strange!
  16. I Am A Rider

    Looking back at 2014: The Season Food Pass.

    I've heard of those donut burgers, Mr. Roberts. Must be like injecting lard directly into your arteries. Ouch. I don't think I'd care for it as not a fan of anything sweet near a burger. And that buffet at the fair was wonderful last time we were there. Been awhile. Used to never miss. Probably have eaten almost everything there over the past forty years. They do have a lot of good food but you're right, not much of it is good for you. Still, some fair food would probably go over well in Coney Mall. And each time we've been to Stricker's, had great burgers, dogs, and ice cream too. Not food we can eat every day at this stage in life but nice to enjoy on occasion. How on earth do you deep fry Pepsi?
  17. I Am A Rider

    Looking back at 2014: The Season Food Pass.

    I like the expression "yak up my spleen," Ms. faeriewench. Very descriptive and in many cases regarding park food, appropriate. Think we'll stick to our cooler in the car. Even when young couldn't eat greasy park food and ride; sure couldn't now. Peanut butter is reliable. Heavy food in the heat is not good; would be nice if there were healthier, lighter choices. For many people part of the park experience - or carnival experience - is the food, I suppose, but for the most part we skip it. Kind of like eating fried chicken and going swimming - eating grease and riding often does not turn out well!
  18. I Am A Rider

    Looking back at 2014: The Season Food Pass.

    We thought the food at the Beach was awful. Just couldn't eat it at all. And do not like Empress chili at all either. Gold Star is fine if Skyline isn't available; they are similar. I think I mentioned before that we had the best beef barbeque at the old Ky. Kingdom years ago. No idea if they have it now. And never had anything bad at Holiday World. Their food is good, reasonable, and everything is immaculately clean. Had terrible food at Disney World. Passable at Sea World but not by much and very expensive both places. One place have had good food consistently is Stricker's Grove. And it's cheap. Too bad it's so rarely open to the public; it's such a nice old-fashioned place though a long drive for us. No easy route. Guess it's a good thing that people have such different tastes in food. A lot of stuff I would absolutely not eat, other people think is great. Still haven't made it to Dollywood but maybe some day. Oh, forgot about Busch Gardens Tampa. Been a lot of years but I do remember having fairly decent food there but don't recall what - the kids were young so it was many moons ago. It was early April and the weather was perfect. Other trips to Florida have been impossibly hot.
  19. I Am A Rider

    Looking back at 2014: The Season Food Pass.

    No, it does not sound like a rant at all, Mr. Roberts. There's a lot of good information. We do the same thing with the refillable cups - just a pain to carry them around so end up in storage with all the others. Have refilled water at the fountains but prefer ice so usually end up in line. I do like the ideas of a drink pass and the snack exchange. Makes sense to me. Have found food quality to be fairly poor at most parks. Very good at Holiday World for the most part, but everywhere else about the same.
  20. I Am A Rider

    Looking back at 2014: The Season Food Pass.

    Well, personally, Mr. Roberts, I'd go ride and let him pig out. Only thing we eat at the park is Skyline - a bargain and dependably good - and once in awhile LaRosa's, though you're right; it is too pricey and not that great anymore like it used to be. Drinks are horribly overpriced and don't know if the food pass covers them, but for us it wouldn't pay off. I'd rather have a PB&J in the car before or after, or both, and spend the extra money on a different pass. Zoo passes are definitely worth it; we had Columbus ones for years. Ky. Kingdom is too far to make it worthwhile for us. And water is at least free. For a lot of us, we can't eat and then ride without barfing, so we generally do one or the other or stop after leaving the park to eat, or take a cooler and leave it in the car. It's a lot cheaper that way. And you can go back out to the car and eat if you get hungry before you're ready to leave for the day. Lot of good info in this; don't know anyone who had a food pass and had been wondering if it was worthwhile, so now I know. Probably the best deal for families with kids who can eat all the time, but not so much a bargain for us older folks who don't eat like we did when we were younger.......many thanks.
  21. I Am A Rider

    Disney Parks: More Star Wars stuff - update.

    Lot of people are fans of both. Just could never get into Star Wars for some reason, but was a Trekkie from the beginning. Don't think I ever finished watching any of the Star Wars movies, but can still watch Star Trek over and over - not that I ever have time - but do catch bits and pieces on TV from time to time. I'm sure the additions will bring in a lot more money for the park.
  22. I Am A Rider

    Disney Parks: More Star Wars stuff - update.

    I agree, Mr. Roberts. Would be more efficient, wouldn't it. Not a fan myself; I prefer Star Trek, but to each his own.
  23. I Am A Rider

    Fantasy Farm book

    Got the books, Mr. Roberts. Concise history of each park from beginning to end, with tons of great old pics. He must have spent a lot of time researching and collecting them. Just the pics worth the money. I'll go through them more thoroughly when I have time.
  24. I Am A Rider

    Fantasy Farm book

    Ordered the two Fowler books from Amazon today, Mr. Roberts. Will let you know what I think of them when they arrive. Was wondering if they were available at libraries but didn't have time to check.
  25. I Am A Rider

    Fantasy Farm book

    Thanks for this info, Mr. Roberts. Wish I could go but unfortunately cannot. Have not gotten round to ordering those books yet and saw something a couple weeks ago about another new theme park book but forgot to write it down......perils of age. It should turn up again somewhere soon. I hope you will be able to get there; we've been to several signings and enjoy them.