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  1. Again, I agree, Mr. Roberts. Wouldn't think it wise to move something like that a second time. Wonder what Geauga Lake looks like now. Bet the water park will be packed this weekend with the oncoming heat wave. We shall hibernate in the a/c.
  2. I have heard the rumor as well, and agree with all your speculations, Mr. Roberts. Never liked the Falls; only time I have seen people there in years is on very hot days when they want to get cooled off. We walked by and watched a few times. Don't think it could be called a major attraction either. The setting is nice, though. Also gave up on A.E. and Vortex long ago as well. Did see they are building a new coaster at Cedar Point and agree it's doubtful they would bring another one to the park right after Timbers, but again, you never know. I can see something being moved, though don't see the reasoning behind the expense and complexity of doing that, now or in the past when it's been done. Guess that's why someone else makes the big bucks to decide these things.
  3. Didn't take the mention of the breakdowns as a problem; it just is common probably everywhere with every new ride. At least that's been my experience. Maybe a lot of the time it's just a simple error, a reset or something similar as you said, due to the excitement of the operators matching that of the crowd. I'd be a wreck for sure. As you said, Mr. Roberts, just part of the experience. Cannot remember how long it took for lines to lessen for the past couple new ones.
  4. Very, very nice video, Mr. Roberts. Well done. I like the musical accompaniment as well. Sounds familiar but cannot place it. Haven't the stamina to stand for that long; they'd have to haul me out on a stretcher after a couple hours. The people in line do seem very calm; I would have expected more excitement, but probably the time in line wore them down. Every new ride seems to break down opening night. But hopefully they will work out the kinks and the lines will lessen as the novelty wears off.
  5. Ah, I think you underestimate your talent, Mr. Roberts. You don't need to fool anyone; it is that good. And where have you had photography published? Anywhere I would be able to see? Here I've been telling you that you should have calendars and posters of your photos and you probably already have.....
  6. You can draw this well and haven't published anything, Mr. Roberts? Why? This is incredible.
  7. They manage to sneak in everywhere....don't think anything is immune anymore. Still funny though.
  8. How nice to have the memorabilia, Mr. Roberts. Sure brings it back. Remember it well. Still miss the cool boat ride though. Didn't know you sketched. Would like to see some of your work posted. As previously stated, I cannot draw even a crooked line.
  9. Kind of you to think about that, Mr. Roberts. I get it on home and work computers and probably almost everyone does. If anyone looks, they will probably realize that. Never cease to be surprised that some people use one password; I have dozens, all complicated. No one can take a chance nowadays.
  10. All the browsers do this now. I use Firefox too but it happens with all of them. If you know the site is safe, just do what everyone else does.....ignore it and hit cancel or whatever comes up and go ahead and log in. It happens to me with astonishing frequency but I know all my regular sites are safe so just dismiss it. No need to worry as long as you are familiar with the sites. But a good question, Mr. Roberts. Surprised you haven't run across it before.
  11. Very nice, Mr. Roberts. And good quality for a phone; great sound too.
  12. Only so much time in a day/night..more important for everyone to have fun than to get pics. We just try to do something for everyone and it is hard to manage with more people.
  13. They may be outdated but are very clear and sharp, Mr. Roberts. I like the look up into the trees. Nice to see. Been following and they have made a lot of progress; have had a lot of good weather for sure. We're supposed to hit 80 degrees today..........in November. Bugs are still thriving but it's good for construction; saw road crews yesterday working in tee shirts. Very odd this time of year. We still have mosquitoes and stink bugs.
  14. This is so long overdue. Just hope it is more like the original, which was great fun. The Paramount version lacked sadly in comparison. I think most people prefer an old-fashioned type of celebration for the holidays......even if they use new technology to accomplish it.
  15. Looking forward to that; and glad you have had a best day there this season.
  16. Enjoyed all this information, Mr. Roberts. Sorry about the food issues; I don't think there is any park food anywhere that is actually healthy. Maybe a salad with no dressing if you can eat that; I can't. There is now not a single item there that I can eat......limited to about six items at home, nothing at all from out, water and skim milk. No fat, no sugar, no salt, no fiber. Tain't' fun, I can tell you. Better than waking up dead, though. Boring as it gets. Salt is very dangerous for many reasons and I know everything there is salty or sweet or fat. You might try telling them you have special dietary needs and ask if they can prepare something without seasoning. Never hurts to ask and they should be able to accommodate that. Or take something from home that is safe. I know how difficult it is. So glad you have such good friends; it makes a difference in quality of life. Maybe if you go when lines are long you should consider using a scooter to protect your health. And I'm quite sure your doctors will quality you for a wheelchair parking placard. Get one and USE it. You need to. Please don't push yourself too far. it just makes things much more dangerous considering. Sorry you got stuck in the parking situation right off the bat. They can surely come up with a solution for that. I've overheard several people complaining about rides not being very clean. Don't know what is going on there. I do not ride anymore, except the train; just people watch. But haven't been able to get away much; not worth a pass this year. But a lot of illness can spread from people's dirty hands, etc. so it is very important. Maybe you could fill out one of the comment cards about the situation. I have done that in the past over several issues. Hope you are doing a little better now. Chronic health issues suck big time; one breath at a time.
  17. I think these turned out very well with a point and shoot, Mr. Roberts, specially the later night ones. Interesting to use the building as a screen. No idea what the other announcement will be - maybe a nice flat ride hehe. And maybe the designer did get his inspiration from the Beast as he spent time there; certainly appears so. Nothing wrong with that. Heard today that the Mean Streak at Cedar Point is closing in September to make room for some new frontier development.
  18. Kind of figured this is what it would be. But it does remind me an awful lot of the Beast......tunnel, etc. Maybe it's just me.
  19. This is indeed very nice, Mr. Roberts. We have wonderful memories of Fantasy Farm. I may have mentioned before but got stuck on the Ferris Wheel there once and a terrible lightning storm came up. We were soaked and thought for sure we were done for. Took over an hour for them to get us down and by then it was just rain. Not fun but it dried out and we still spent the rest of the day for the sake of the kids. Other family members had them at the petting zoo so a couple of us adults decided to ride the wheel. We regretted it. We stuck to the ground after that. The kids had such a great time there; it was just the right size. Oh, but it was a great place for families; we were sad to see it go. Same for Americana. Thanks for posting this; brings back some good old memories.
  20. I have a vague recollection of this some time ago, Mr. Roberts. Don't recall exactly when. Those things are disgusting. I tried to use one but could not fit my large hands into the thing without touching the sides. So I ended up washing up again and grabbing napkins from the nearest food place. If I can't find paper towels or napkins I just wave my hands around awhile. The study is correct; paper towels are cleaner than any of the air dryers. Realizing that it adds to the landfill; however, seems a little more important to keep people from getting sick. I think they not only spread germs but grow them as well. Gross is the word.
  21. Oho, Mr. Roberts. Being a Trekkie rather than Star Wars fan, I had to search my memory for this one. Very good. If you watch Big Bang Theory, there is an episode where Sheldon practices saying this. Funny. Admiral Ackbar, is your preferred form of address Admiral or Mr. Ackbar? I hope you explore the history on this site and the numerous excellent photos archived, and look at all the great ones submitted by Mr. Roberts. Well worth the time.
  22. From what I hear, a lot of people were glad to see Hot Blooded return, Mr. Roberts.
  23. I do hope you will be able to ride again, Mr. Roberts. But even if not, there's a lot to entertain if you can get around. Hope you will feel better.
  24. New person should check out all the terrific photography and great history on this site.
  25. At least there was good weather for the first weekend this year.
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