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  1. I remember all except, for some reason, the Bugaloos and Lidsville. Do remember the Polident commercial though. Land of the Lost was a favorite. For fans of Tom and Jerry - I've always been one; love the old stuff - on the Cartoon Network around one in the afternoon during the week, they sometimes run old Tom and Jerry stuff. Catch it once in awhile and it's great to see them again. Lot of the new stuff is junk. Mr. Roberts, do you still look like the kid from Sigmund? It's said we all have a double; I saw mine when I was 17 and freaked.
  2. Mr. Roberts, you're right. Neglected all but one on my list for reasons.. 1. Holiday World - because it's a great park - terrific rides, clean, nice people, and so much to do in the area. They treat guests right. And the drinks are free! Cleanest park I've ever been to, including Disney World. Food prices very reasonable for an amusement park also. It's such a relaxed atmosphere; everyone just wants to have fun. Feels very safe there. 2. Dollywood - again, great rides but in general the mountains are beaut and the people are just so darned nice! Great atmosphere. 3. Busch Gardens Florida - had a great trip there with older sisters when I was young; first big park I'd been to at the time. We had a lot of fun. 4. Busch Gardens Virginia - just overall a wonderful place. 5. Six Flags Atlanta - sentimental reasons - family trip long ago. But it's beautiful also and lots of southern hospitality.
  3. Mr. Roberts, how could I have forgotten about Stricker's? I love that place. And if you've never been to the Ohio State Fair, you should try to go. Always a great experience; lots to see and do and eat. If I could go to Holiday World or Dollywood, my personal choice would be Holiday World. Not just the park itself, but so much to see and do in that area. Could easily spend a week there if I had the time. Hope you have the opportunity...
  4. Lot of people would like to see it made over in that way........however, have thought for years they should tear it down and start over. Just my opinion but there's a lot of space there that could be used for something new and record-breaking. It's always looked flimsy to me; the one thing in the park I never cared for at all.
  5. Michael, I'd checked the music but hadn't gotten to the lyrics. Nice to see those words and now, of course, I remember. There was a small drop and I can "see" the ride in memory now. Had forgotten Wheel of Fortune. Didn't they also use to have a Tilt-A-Whirl or am I imagining things?
  6. Thanks, Michael. Hanna Barbara was what I was trying to remember. And I, too, wish they'd bring back the rides you mentioned. Had forgotten Tumble Bug but loved it when I was young(er). Those were the days....
  7. Mr. Roberts, you're probably right - likely a combination of things. Sure hope they don't put a walmart there. Last thing the world needs. No matter the reason, it's sad when the "good old days" stuff keeps disappearing. Fantasy Farm and LeSourdsville were such great places in their day. Wonder how long Coney Island will last......it was so nice last time I was there.....
  8. Not too far apart, Michael. And how could I have neglected Enchanted Voyage! Long live the Smurfs. We'd stand in line for ages in the heat just to enjoy the air conditioning. Wish that was still there. The lines were always so long but worth the wait for all ages. It was the only place to get cool when July/August heat was overwhelming. We'd get off and get right back in line. Do you remember if it was something else before Smurfs? It's changed so many times over the years I kinda lost track. That ride was just plain fun and great to beat the heat. I'm just not a big fan of Scooby. It's okay but it was better when it was just a relaxing ride, not a game to play, for me, at least.
  9. 1. Holiday World 2. Dollywood 3. Busch Gardens Florida 4. Busch Gardens Virginia 5. Six Flags Atlanta (sentimental reasons)
  10. I'd forgotten about the tunnel not being there. Seems it's always been. I remember the Bat well but for some reason never rode it. One of the things we enjoyed a lot when we were younger was trying to smash each other senseless in the bumper cars. They're still great fun to me; just the idea of "wrecking" cars without getting hurt, I guess. One of the best things to me was the old west "fighting" on the train ride before it became politically incorrect. It was exciting to kids and adults alike. The train is a nice way to relax and rest but it is kind of boring now. Miss the old skylift too. In a lot of ways I think the park was better in the first 15 or 20 years. Michael, not so much age as being a product of education in the South..gotta mind your manners there or pay the consequences! And you're most welcome. But I have adult children so much older than you, I'm sure.
  11. Hi, Michael, I was taught "old school," which means addressing everyone by Mr, Mrs., or Miss unless otherwise given permission...so thank you. I had a similar fear about the Rotor, and was always afraid I'd fall somehow and get trapped, but I still kept riding it. My cousin got sick the first time and never rode again. And the Barrel ride gave me a similar experience also. Got stuck with someone who kept spinning us around till we practically fell off. Still I loved those "roundy" rides when I was younger. Hey, Moms know the way to conquer fear is often a good bribe.....
  12. Mr. Roberts, I thought I knew quite a bit about that area but never heard of this. You're right, Americana is disappearing. Sad. I still miss LeSourdsville and Fantasy Farm, among others. Would have been fun to have seen this. Victim of the economy, perhaps, with gas going to four bucks a gallon where I am and promising to go higher.
  13. Mr. Thunderbeast1968, I envy you and your son those "firsts." Does anyone remember the giant slide? Hadn't thought of it in years but my older sister stuffed me in a burlap sack and pushed me down that thing years ago. When it finally stopped I had yellow paint imbedded under my nails where I'd tried to slow myself down. It was high and fast, no different from a coaster in that regard, but at least in a coaster you're strapped in (at least now, not so much then)..Maybe it's because it's like free-falling from an airplane, with no parachute to stop. Not necessarily the best memory but something I never repeated for sure. Too many good ones to count, but I'll dig through the files in my mind.... Longest time for me on a Bayern was at a state fair long ago; went two cycles, both forward and backward. That was long enough at one time.
  14. Mr. Thunderbeast1968, how exciting you get to take your son on his first big coaster soon! What a wonderful thing to be able to continue. And thanks for reminding me about the Bayern Kurve. I'd forgotten all about it and must have ridden it a hundred times. Lots of old rides I guess we've forgotten but would be nice to have them back. My sister and I screamed our heads off every time we rode Bayern. It was great fun.
  15. Mr. Kjkjkj, one of my most memorable moments, first time I rode Racer. It was my first coaster and I was petrified! Held on for dear life and was too scared to scream. When it finally stopped - and it seemed to take forever - I discovered I was kind of frozen in place. The employees were kind enough not to laugh when they pried my hands loose from the bar. It was summer and hot and the park was nearly empty - it was back in the early days. The other people in the group tried to get me to go again, but it was a long time before I worked up the nerve to try other coasters. Call me chicken-hearted; I got over it eventually as I got older. Even though it was terrifying at the time, it's what started me down the coaster road. Thanks for the memories....
  16. Thanks, Mr. CincinnatiKid123, Dollywood, obviously. Is it the Mystery Mine train? If I'm right, can't post pics but hope someone else will. It's great fun to see different shots of all the coasters.
  17. Aargh! I was supposed to guess, wasn't I? Will have to think about it but currently have no clue. Sorry, on wrong topic. I am bad at this.
  18. Mr. CincinnatiKid123, this is very nice! Such a clear shot. Thanks.
  19. I have Linux but 8-year-old computer and it won't accept upgrades, so..trying but not winning.
  20. Well, the newspaper sites were correct. Looks like it would be lots of fun for families and I'm sure many adults will enjoy as well.
  21. I tried, but my computer gremlins won't let me post pics right now. Got anything good, Mr. Cincinnati Kid? I'll guess though not good at that.
  22. Just saw on a newspaper web site it is an "animated dinosaur walk." What the heck is that? And where is it?
  23. Something like Jurassic Park would be cool..........
  24. They've been mostly the same for awhile now, but still, if it works, okay by me...most people still seem to like whatever they have.
  25. I agree, Mack, not Intamin. And with all the pavement there, it's so hot and another water ride would be welcome just to cool off. With the current economy, a giga-coaster seems unlikely at this time, but who knows.
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