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    I agree, Mack, not Intamin. And with all the pavement there, it's so hot and another water ride would be welcome just to cool off. With the current economy, a giga-coaster seems unlikely at this time, but who knows.
  2. I Am A Rider


    Forgot about the area behind Racer. That would work. And there aren't enough family rides. A water flume coaster would go far in that direction.
  3. I Am A Rider


    Whether water flume coaster or coincidence, very interesting.....I vote for the coaster and agree with your probable site, Mr. Roberts. Guess we will have to wait and see. Good way to build anticipation.
  4. I Am A Rider


    The old monorail is at Jungle Jim's.........
  5. I Am A Rider

    Stricker's Grove 2011 Dates Posted

    Mr. CincinnatiKid123, you will love Stricker's. It's a happy-feeling place. Clean, good food, free drinks, nice employees who treat visitors with respect. It's small but you can enjoy spending an entire day. Nice country feeling of the fifties. Hope you get to go.
  6. I Am A Rider

    Royal Land

    Mr. Roberts, this is interesting. Well-written and so descriptive. Good pics, also. Wonder how they managed to stay open at all with such broken equipment but sounds like they sure tried. With some luck and money they might have been another Stricker's.
  7. I Am A Rider

    Stricker's Grove 2011 Dates Posted

    Mr. Roberts, I, too, thought it was great they closed down for lunch. I remember getting stuck on a ferris wheel at Fantasy Farm in a thunderstorm. Took them an hour to get us off and we were stuck on the top, soaked and terrified we'd be struck by all the lightning. But the park was great for kids and adults, and we loved LeSourdsville also. Too bad they're gone forever. They were both great places in their day. Coasters are awesome but more flat rides add so much to the park experience in my view. Lot of good stuff from the past needs to be brought back.
  8. I Am A Rider

    Stricker's Grove 2011 Dates Posted

    Mr. Hendrick, thanks for posting this. This park is such a wonderful reminder of by-gone days. So well run and the food was great last time I was there. Also very clean. It's a great escape from the noise of big parks. Looking forward even though it's a long trip and not exactly easy to get to.
  9. I Am A Rider

    10-23-10 Haunt TR soon to be PTR

    The fog makes for some interesting shots, Mr. Hudson. Enjoyed seeing these. Quite eerie.
  10. I Am A Rider


    In The Columbus Dispatch today at 4:22 p.m., the Associated Press ran an article which said in part: "Shareholders in America's third-largest amusement park chain are shaking up the company's leadership structure.Investors seeking changes at Ohio-based Cedar Fair Entertainment Co. say they've won a majority vote today that will block company officeholders, including the current chief executive, from serving as board chairman. The vote came after Cedar Fair's biggest investor accused current chief executive and board chairman Richard Kinzel of mismanaging the company's 18 amusement and water parks while receiving a bloated salary...."
  11. I Am A Rider


    Does anyone other than lawyers really understand any of this? I surely do not, but it does seem that Cedar Fair's market value seems to be doing okay still.....
  12. I Am A Rider

    WindSeeker Construction

    Does anyone know when this will be completed? February, March, April?
  13. I Am A Rider


    And the games go on.........
  14. I Am A Rider


  15. I Am A Rider


    Getting very interesting.......worth the read.
  16. You're right, Mr. Interpreter. Thanks for catching me. Obviously I had a major brain blip........keep forgetting this year is almost over..would that it were just beginning.
  17. Two years down the road. Sounds like they're planning ahead.....
  18. I Am A Rider

    Sale of Big Dipper may have hit snag

    Small town paper? Maybe they only have a couple issues a week. Just a thought.
  19. I Am A Rider

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Gobble Gobble. Guess we're all stuffed like turkeys today!
  20. I Am A Rider

    Making Winterfest better

    I was at WinterFest several times when it was last held. Thought it was wonderful. But they kind of priced it too high and many people couldn't afford to go. When it was held previously, it was always so crowded and such a wonderful experience. Wish they could bring back a version of the original, at a price that was manageable for families. It was a great tradition for many of us. The atmosphere was really enjoyable, no matter how cold it happened to be.
  21. I Am A Rider

    Painting Flight Deck among offseason projects

    Now, now, play nice. Flight Deck is a great old coaster to be respected for its age and all the rides it has given. Bright colors look good in the park, but they do attract lots of bees! Wonder if they take that into consideration...
  22. I Am A Rider

    Turn Boomerang Bay Into Halloween Haunt??

    All good ideas. It would definitely help with serious overcrowding in the main park during Haunt. Maybe keep family-friendly events in the park and move the scarier, more adult stuff to the water park area?
  23. I Am A Rider

    WindSeeker Construction

    True, they ALL remove too many trees. If they would just replace them.....all that asphalt draws so much heat and with fewer trees to cool things off, the park seems to get hotter and more uncomfortable every summer. Be nice if all the asphalt could be replaced with a nice light composite material that wouldn't hold heat. Hey, I can dream...
  24. I Am A Rider

    WindSeeker Construction

    Not just you. Any time a tree is destroyed, it's sad. We need a lot more to beautify the earth and clean and cool the air. Hope they will replant as many as possible. Seems a lot of the flowers have also disappeared the past couple of years. The park could use some more benches also - there aren't nearly enough and they are very uncomfortable. Hate seeing kids sitting on the pavement. Yuck.
  25. I Am A Rider

    Half Pint Brawlers Midnight Barbed Wire Match

    Good grief!