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    Does anyone other than lawyers really understand any of this? I surely do not, but it does seem that Cedar Fair's market value seems to be doing okay still.....
  2. I Am A Rider

    WindSeeker Construction

    Does anyone know when this will be completed? February, March, April?
  3. I Am A Rider


    And the games go on.........
  4. I Am A Rider


  5. I Am A Rider


    Getting very interesting.......worth the read.
  6. You're right, Mr. Interpreter. Thanks for catching me. Obviously I had a major brain blip........keep forgetting this year is almost over..would that it were just beginning.
  7. Two years down the road. Sounds like they're planning ahead.....
  8. I Am A Rider

    Sale of Big Dipper may have hit snag

    Small town paper? Maybe they only have a couple issues a week. Just a thought.
  9. I Am A Rider

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Gobble Gobble. Guess we're all stuffed like turkeys today!
  10. I Am A Rider

    Making Winterfest better

    I was at WinterFest several times when it was last held. Thought it was wonderful. But they kind of priced it too high and many people couldn't afford to go. When it was held previously, it was always so crowded and such a wonderful experience. Wish they could bring back a version of the original, at a price that was manageable for families. It was a great tradition for many of us. The atmosphere was really enjoyable, no matter how cold it happened to be.
  11. I Am A Rider

    Painting Flight Deck among offseason projects

    Now, now, play nice. Flight Deck is a great old coaster to be respected for its age and all the rides it has given. Bright colors look good in the park, but they do attract lots of bees! Wonder if they take that into consideration...
  12. I Am A Rider

    Turn Boomerang Bay Into Halloween Haunt??

    All good ideas. It would definitely help with serious overcrowding in the main park during Haunt. Maybe keep family-friendly events in the park and move the scarier, more adult stuff to the water park area?
  13. I Am A Rider

    WindSeeker Construction

    True, they ALL remove too many trees. If they would just replace them.....all that asphalt draws so much heat and with fewer trees to cool things off, the park seems to get hotter and more uncomfortable every summer. Be nice if all the asphalt could be replaced with a nice light composite material that wouldn't hold heat. Hey, I can dream...
  14. I Am A Rider

    WindSeeker Construction

    Not just you. Any time a tree is destroyed, it's sad. We need a lot more to beautify the earth and clean and cool the air. Hope they will replant as many as possible. Seems a lot of the flowers have also disappeared the past couple of years. The park could use some more benches also - there aren't nearly enough and they are very uncomfortable. Hate seeing kids sitting on the pavement. Yuck.
  15. I Am A Rider

    Half Pint Brawlers Midnight Barbed Wire Match

    Good grief!
  16. I Am A Rider

    10-23-10 Haunt TR soon to be PTR

    Enjoyed your report. Sounds like a good time. Looking forward to the pictures.
  17. There's an old saying that politics makes strange bedfellows, so to speak. But in business, it's always about the money.
  18. I Am A Rider

    Undercover Boss at Great Wolf Lodge

    There is not just one camera; there are many, with lights and mics, etc. And anyone who has ever seen a so-called reality show on TV knows they are as far removed from reality as can possibly be. No matter what excuses they use, people know. Something that big cannot be kept secret. As Mr. Interpreter said, it's a "huge willing suspension of disbelief." But millions enjoy the shows and that's fine, too. To each his own. The world would be a very boring place if everyone liked the same things. But those shows are not to be taken seriously.
  19. I Am A Rider

    Big Dipper saved from wrecking ball

    Hope they can make their dream a reality, but that's a LOT of moolah.
  20. I Am A Rider

    Undercover Boss at Great Wolf Lodge

    Good to know someone agrees with my assessment of this show. You're spot-on, Mr. Interpreter.
  21. I Am A Rider

    OBSERVATIONS: Half Way Through Haunt

    Maybe the skunk that is spraying regularly in the kiddie area this year is adding to the ambiance......I've heard a lot of people commenting on the odor. Think there might be more than one. Sure hope no one gets a direct hit. Yuck.
  22. I Am A Rider

    Half Pint Brawlers Come Up Short

    Exceedingly so.......
  23. I Am A Rider

    OBSERVATIONS: Half Way Through Haunt

    Only problem I've seen is people running into each other because of the heavy fog in some areas. Needs to be lightened up for safety.... just my opinion. And it smells bad this year - the fog, that is.
  24. I Am A Rider

    Flight Deck

    Flight Deck is out of the way but it's a nice area to walk through with all the greenery. Would be nice if they'd put up some signs or promote the ride in some way. It used to have such long lines and most considered it worth the wait.
  25. I Am A Rider

    CP haunted asylum angers mental health advocates

    What does mental illness have to do with Halloween? Nothing! There are so many themes they could use other than that. Every family is affected in some way by physical or mental illness. It's just wrong to use anything like that to represent a so-called Halloween event. I certainly see their point of view, and support it. Yes, supposedly it's all in "fun," but methinks there are better ways to have fun. Disrespect and mockery of a large segment of the population isn't fun, or funny. Just my humble opinion........