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  1. I would like to think your doctor would have told you what was or was not safe to use, Mr. Roberts. But some don't, for sure. I haven't used cough syrup for years - makes me ill - and can't take motion sickness meds either because they interact with others. Yes, I agree you definitely have to be extremely cautious.
  2. Oil and jam? Seriously, Mr. Roberts? That makes no sense at all. Cough syrup isn't for nausea - I meant something like Pepto-Bismol or Dramamine. The dual pianist shows sound good. Might want to settle for things that don't move for awhile. Just do shows/events and not rides.
  3. I'm sure you're right, Mr. Roberts. Not equipped for anything serious. Thought maybe an anti-nausea med or something, though that's not even always the best thing to do. Maybe sightsee and not ride until things settle.
  4. Don't they have a first aid station you could have gone to, Mr. Roberts? Seems there would be something else you could take to ease that. I just saw something a couple days ago on the news about a new coaster that is the fastest, tallest, etc., but for the life of me can't remember where it was, or the name. Not even sure it was in the US but I think so. I was busy and not paying much attention to the news, only that it opened that day - sometime this week.
  5. Well, can definitely say no pin is worth a 9-hour drive, Mr. Roberts. At least you got scenic views for the trip.
  6. Well, at least he didn't arrest you, or throw you out. Kind of surprises me, Mr. Roberts. Sometimes people are kind, still.
  7. Well, yuck is about the best I can come up with, Mr. Roberts. Try dry white toast. It's easier on your stomach than wheat any day. Also dry saltines. Hate that your trip was spoiled. By the way, I looked up the ammonia buildup and it's a very scary thing. I am so sorry. Had never heard of that before.
  8. I take it you mean worse, Mr. Roberts. So sorry you had such a rough time. I know it's safer in the back seat but for a lot of people the front is necessary to stop motion sickness.
  9. I remember this, Mr. Roberts. Horribly sad. I heard that park is not open this year at all and the owners are in some kind of other difficulties.
  10. That sounds like a lot of fun, Mr. Roberts. No wonder you have such a variety.
  11. You definitely have an unusual collection, Mr. Roberts. I still think that song is funny.
  12. Funny, Mr. Roberts. With a disco, disco duck? Or are you too young to remember that?
  13. Guess eventually they'll have to announce it, Mr. Roberts.
  14. Well, this is interesting, Mr. Roberts. The lasers I could see laser tag? But bubbles? For children, maybe?
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