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  1. I hope they will continue to enforce the sanitation, mask, and distancing protocols. This pandemic is far from over.
  2. Saw that somewhere on the news a day or two ago, Mr. Roberts.
  3. This is a nice shot, but still looks weird.
  4. Well, I'm sure it will be nice for those who enjoy that sort of thing. Couldn't pay me to camp there. Or anywhere.
  5. Glad they survived another season, Mr. Roberts. I like those funny fish faces. Pretty speedy.
  6. Well, you dodged one there, Mr. Roberts. Smart move.
  7. Oh, can't even imagine how that feels, Mr. Roberts. I know they can't do it in warm weather, but this time of year seems a bad time to start.
  8. Still that seems a big risk that could be mitigated by their telling people to wear glasses of some sort, or handing out cheap plastic ones, Mr. Roberts. Even if they have someone who can remove it, a lot of damage could be done long before the ride ended.
  9. I miss the train as it used to be, and the landscaping that was part of it. Wow, ember in eye hurts terribly just to even read about, Mr. Roberts. You were lucky you didn't damage the retina. That's scary. They should specify use of goggles or something.
  10. Interesting and sad read. Cemeteries should never be neglected or abandoned.
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