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  1. A lot of people agree with you on this, Mr. Roberts, especially about saving the station. They could do a lot with it. Lot of territory there will be vacant once that ride is down.
  2. But this isn't unexpected. At least I figured it was coming sooner rather than later. Leaves a lot of space for something new.
  3. I saw that as well, Mr. Roberts, but I don't put much stock in their predictions. No one can predict that far ahead. Too much is wrong even on daily forecasts.
  4. Hope you have fun, Mr. Roberts. Be safe.
  5. Wow, completely lost track of time, Mr. Roberts. Been overwhelmed of late and I swear it was just January last week.
  6. I must admit to being surprised when this was on the news last week, Mr. Roberts. Long time since we were there, but the rides were always busy. It is a lot of work with the flooding, but still sad to see it come to an end. No Halloween, the news said, but it didn't mention Christmas lights on my local news.
  7. They better hope for a mild winter if they want to get this thing done on time.
  8. I remember this, Mr. Roberts. Horribly sad. I heard that park is not open this year at all and the owners are in some kind of other difficulties.
  9. That sounds like a lot of fun, Mr. Roberts. No wonder you have such a variety.
  10. You definitely have an unusual collection, Mr. Roberts. I still think that song is funny.
  11. Funny, Mr. Roberts. With a disco, disco duck? Or are you too young to remember that?
  12. Guess eventually they'll have to announce it, Mr. Roberts.
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