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  1. Glad you got to ride, Mr. Roberts. Next time you might want to take a light-colored umbrella to protect you from the sun, or a very large straw or cotton hat. Yes, men can use umbrellas too. Lot of people with skin cancer use them all the time.
  2. I understand their disappointment, Mr. Roberts, but with numbers spiking everywhere again, it might very well be for the best. This is not getting better; it's getting worse all the time and that's not going to change any time soon. Scary world.
  3. I'm sorry, Mr. Roberts. Obviously they're completely different. I thought of the risk to you, not about similar indicators. Hope it works out for you.
  4. Makes me dizzy to watch this.
  5. I hope you have a wonderful time and keep safe, Mr. Roberts.
  6. Mr. Roberts, just saw your post from 15th about your unhappiness. I'm so sorry you feel that way. I'm not willing to risk what time may be left for me, but you do whatever you feel is right for you. Just please wear a mask and be careful. They really are manageable in heat and humidity; I have worn them for years, including at the park many times, though I tried to never go in high temps as it's too dangerous for me.
  7. There are idiots everywhere, Mr. Roberts. If they want to be sick and die, so be it, but they have no right to infect and kill others because they don't want to wear a mask. I hope the parks rigidly enforce the rules they have established for everyone's safety. Still far too unsafe for many of us, especially we old and infirm.
  8. Yes, the masks are to protect others, Mr. Roberts, but most people don't care. I've watched endless hours of the protests. There were some not wearing masks, including a lot of cops, but the majority have been. The community spread according to the CDC has been from restaurants, stores, and other places like that where people are congregating, and especially beaches, boardwalks, etc. People think this is over because of places opening up. It's not. It's just getting started. I've no intention of going into a store until there's a reliable vaccine. Maybe not then. Not a shopper anyway. Picking up groceries at the curb suits me fine, and have had most everything else shipped for years. Idiots in groceries are actually making fun of those wearing masks and coughing on them. They should be charged with assault, because that is what it is. People are so stupid and mean.
  9. Indeed, Mr. Roberts. Someone is listening...excellent story.
  10. I've been on a couple that were in bad shape, Mr. Roberts, though it's been awhile. Surely the cost of maintenance is low compared to possible costs from injuries that might be sustained.
  11. Personally, Mr. Roberts, people who refuse to wear masks to protect others who are at risk have no respect for human life. Same goes if they sign this petition. I have no immune system and have worn a mask for years, including at the park in summer. Have made a number of trips to Florida in the heat of summer, twice in July. Yes, I wore a mask and it was no worse than wearing it in Ohio. To me Florida is far worse than Ohio when it comes to heat and humidity, especially inland. It's doable. Wearing masks reduces the spread of the virus and we'd be past it a lot sooner if people would just wear the masks. Masks save lives just like seat belts. But a lot more are dying from this virus than die in car crashes. People clearly don't want to protect their parents/grandparents if they won't wear a mask. Picked up online grocery order last night. While waiting in my car, observed about a dozen people exiting. Only one was wearing a mask. I had mine on in the car. Two women walked by on the way in, both wearing masks. I thanked them for protecting an old person like me. They said they didn't go out without them, to protect their family. Both women in their thirties. They're the smart ones. Those not wearing masks are the reason numbers are spiraling and I have no sympathy for them.
  12. My thoughts exactly, Mr. Roberts. Reminds me of the original I rode decades ago.
  13. Absolutely no idea, Mr. Roberts. Personally, I'm too high risk to go anywhere, let alone a park. I would think you would be too. Not worth dying for.
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