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  1. I can see why that should be important, Mr. Roberts. A lot of people really enjoy the woods part of it. It wouldn't be the same without it.
  2. I actually remember being there once years ago when they were doing the tastes great deal, Mr. Roberts. Inappropriate to say the least, as they had a lot of kids on the ride at the time. I seriously do not like stuff like that.
  3. Already had one, Mr. Roberts. Don't want another. But I hope you get a chance to ride and hope your ghost doesn't haunt anyone.
  4. Expected this. Wasn't an option to open.
  5. Anybody that opens by Easter is an idiot, Mr. Roberts. We're not going to be anywhere near normal by then. It's getting worse daily and hardly any hospital has the equipment they need. Freely admit this is the first time in my life I have not been able to conquer fear.
  6. Olympics officially postponed until 2021.
  7. I saw where some re-openings were occurring in Japan, Mr. Roberts. But they need to postpone the Olympics because athletes cannot fly in from all over the world. Can't imagine the danger in that. Shouldn't be surprised that Apple would try to pounce on this.
  8. Most of us expected this information, PKI. They may well have to adjust the opening date more than once.
  9. They will likely miss opening day along with all other parks. They are right in saying they're the cleanest park. That place was immaculate when I was there years ago and probably still is.
  10. So sorry, Mr. Roberts. Had to do our water heater last June after having barely warm water for weeks. Very expensive but such a relief. It was a definite challenge to shower, wash dishes and do laundry for awhile. Life sure sucks for now. Things are getting scary all over. Hope you do not get sick from going out. I'm too chicken because age/heart/lungs. The lodge might be shut down a lot longer than they plan. Pretty much everything closed down today, PKI. It's a different world for the foreseeable future.
  11. It looks weird with it torn down. I seriously want to be able to fly a drone half this well.
  12. Saw this on the news yesterday, Mr. Roberts. Also saw where Air Force Museum and Cincinnati Zoo closed. Shelves are bare at all the groceries and everything pretty much shut down. Looks like it will be that way for awhile. I'm in hiding and you should be too.
  13. Yes, more generally will die from the flu, Mr. Roberts. But Dr. Fauci of NIH said this virus is ten times more likely to kill you and they're projecting over one million in this country alone because it's so contagious. And we're likely attributing flu deaths when it is coronavirus that has not been tested. And there's no vaccine to make it less harmful. Gov. DeWine said in news conference that they think 100,000 in just Ohio have the virus now, not diagnosed, and that number would double every six days. That is almost incomprehensible. Only plan to go out to pick up groceries ordered online - if there is anything left. We order a lot online all the time. I'm checking mostly the World Health Organization and Dr. Fauci.
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