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  1. I think it will be better for them financially to close, Mr. Roberts. Personally am relieved people are staying home and staying safe. It's simply too dangerous to be in a crowd now. I wouldn't go to a haunted trail either this year, as many of them are extremely crowded and mostly teens work there; they aren't going to enforce distancing or masks.
  2. I'm glad this decision was made. Considering the upcoming flu season combined with the coronavirus, large crowds will be even more dangerous in the upcoming fall and winter.
  3. Never attempted to skate there, Mr. Roberts. I'd have ended up in traction for sure. I have never been known for my grace walking, let alone skating. Did try years ago at Columbus Zoo Wildlights.Disaster in the making. It was a decent event at the Beach. Cold, crowded, but fun when we were there. No idea what year.
  4. I think we only went to the Beach for the Christmas thing, Mr. Roberts. Quite a few years back. Never did go in the summer. Didn't really pay attention to what rides were there.
  5. Last time I rode was at the state fair, Mr. Roberts. Few years ago. It went both directions and just about took your head off. Realized I was too old for it then.
  6. Hmm. I wouldn't think that ride would be overly popular, Mr. Roberts. Maybe as you say, the price was right. Used to ride it years ago at state and county fairs.
  7. That sounds like a lot of fun to me, Mr. Roberts, especially in this long, far too hot summer. I must admit no familiarity at all with water coasters. Now, after watching the video, though, it would not work for me. All those tunnels and my claustrophobia would not mix. Not sure how they'd disinfect those seats between riders, and there'd have to be a lot of bleach in the water.
  8. Ain't it the truth, Mr. Roberts, ain't it the truth.
  9. Not surprised, Mr. Roberts. Americans can't leave the country for hardly anywhere, and very few people are allowed in. I'm sure staffing is affected.
  10. I've been trying to do that for years, Mr. Roberts. Problem is, by the time I do what must be done, just not able to do anything beyond that. Too much for me to do without help considering my age and health. Still hoping for someday.
  11. Just have to find this humorous. People are nuts.
  12. Oh, how I wish, Mr. Roberts. Still have work to do and no energy left to organize and get rid of. I'd love to, but it would take a year of working on it hours every day and I've neither the time nor the stamina to do it. My garage and shed holds three generations of stuff.
  13. You're ahead of me, Mr. Roberts. Never heard of any of these. Of course, it's been I don't even remember how many years since I was at Disney. Did not go to Animal Kingdom when there either.
  14. I am not collecting anything else, ever, Mr. Roberts. Too old. Too much to get rid of already.
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