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  1. Still that seems a big risk that could be mitigated by their telling people to wear glasses of some sort, or handing out cheap plastic ones, Mr. Roberts. Even if they have someone who can remove it, a lot of damage could be done long before the ride ended.
  2. I miss the train as it used to be, and the landscaping that was part of it. Wow, ember in eye hurts terribly just to even read about, Mr. Roberts. You were lucky you didn't damage the retina. That's scary. They should specify use of goggles or something.
  3. Maybe next year will be safer and better.
  4. Interesting and sad read. Cemeteries should never be neglected or abandoned.
  5. I miss some of the old rides, but I'm not about to throw away money buying a piece of scrap. To each his/her own. You know the old saying about those who are "soon parted" from their money. Preserving a piece in another ride seems the better thing to do rather than sell junk, imo.
  6. Yep. Total waste of money in my view, Mr. Roberts. But they will likely make a lot from the sales.
  7. I can't even begin to imagine throwing away $200.00 on a piece of scrap metal. People must have more money than sense to do that.
  8. I think it will be better for them financially to close, Mr. Roberts. Personally am relieved people are staying home and staying safe. It's simply too dangerous to be in a crowd now. I wouldn't go to a haunted trail either this year, as many of them are extremely crowded and mostly teens work there; they aren't going to enforce distancing or masks.
  9. I'm glad this decision was made. Considering the upcoming flu season combined with the coronavirus, large crowds will be even more dangerous in the upcoming fall and winter.
  10. Never attempted to skate there, Mr. Roberts. I'd have ended up in traction for sure. I have never been known for my grace walking, let alone skating. Did try years ago at Columbus Zoo Wildlights.Disaster in the making. It was a decent event at the Beach. Cold, crowded, but fun when we were there. No idea what year.
  11. I think we only went to the Beach for the Christmas thing, Mr. Roberts. Quite a few years back. Never did go in the summer. Didn't really pay attention to what rides were there.
  12. Last time I rode was at the state fair, Mr. Roberts. Few years ago. It went both directions and just about took your head off. Realized I was too old for it then.
  13. Hmm. I wouldn't think that ride would be overly popular, Mr. Roberts. Maybe as you say, the price was right. Used to ride it years ago at state and county fairs.
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