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  1. I Am A Rider

    Kings Mills Antique Autos: Coming to Coney Mall in 2019!

    I knew as soon as I heard something old is new again on the news the day before the announcement that it was the antique cars. They should never have taken them out.
  2. I Am A Rider

    michigan Great Adventure.

    That's wonderful, Mr. Roberts. So glad you feel well enough to make a trip. Hope you have a safe and fun trip. I'll have to look it up and see what they have that is different.
  3. I Am A Rider

    Have you ever been on son of beast?

    SOB blew down in a wind storm during construction. They rebuilt and finished it; a mistake in my opinion. It had a lot of problems and was finally torn down, long overdue.
  4. I Am A Rider

    Halloween Troll vs Christmas Elf

    Ha. Funny, Mr. Roberts. Had trouble getting these to play for some reason, just got bits and pieces. But whoever thought putting a striped red shirt on an ugly troll would turn it into an elf made an error in judgment. It's still an ugly troll with a red shirt. Let's hope they do not repeat this mistake.
  5. I Am A Rider

    Santa's Toy Factory, 2005

    I had completely forgotten we had to choose dates. Do remember we went twice. Guess we got lucky and had decent weather once that I recall and once quite cold. Definitely no way to get people in. Who wants to be there in miserable weather? It just seemed very expensive at the time. If we could have used our passes we would have gone more, I'm sure. You are probably right on your reasoning, Mr. Roberts. Makes sense to me.
  6. I Am A Rider

    Santa's Toy Factory, 2005

    This is a pretty clear video for its age, Mr. Roberts. You know I never actually heard why they only did it one year; must have been the low attendance and expensive costs. It was quite nice in some ways.
  7. I Am A Rider

    Santa's Christmas Wish 1992

    This is great, Mr. Roberts. We only went to this winterfest twice; it was so expensive. Mostly we walked around looking at lights, bought some holiday gifts, and ate. I don't think we watched any shows; don't actually remember. That seems longer ago than it was. There was a place on International street that had the best soups and chili. We hit that up both times. Don't forget food very often. Most shows we've seen I just see and don't keep room in the old brain to retain them. Too much other stuff up there. Concerts, however, I can recall back to the first one I saw over fifty years ago as a teenager.
  8. I Am A Rider

    Santa's Toy Factory, 1991

    As well done as these shows were, Mr. Roberts, what I find most interesting is the difference in video quality. Like when I watch old M.A.S.H. shows. The difference in technology is vast. Kind of like comparing old photos from original color to today's pics. As I recall, the original fest had the best Santa we'd ever seen. I'm sure not the same each year or even every night, but we seemed to catch the same one every time we went one particular year, early eighties. I swear the guy could almost make adults believe. I'm talking about the one that was in the Santa house for kids to visit. These videos are so fun to watch. Thank you.
  9. I Am A Rider

    Santa's Christmas Wish 1992

    Wow, how did you track this down, Mr. Roberts? Thanks so much for posting. I still don't remember but think probably we just didn't watch any of the shows. I'll go over this a couple times and see if shakes anything loose in the memory bank.
  10. I Am A Rider

    Major attraction leaving after this year.

    Well, malls sure are dying quick everywhere these days. But we are of the same mind, Mr. Roberts. Have thought from the time the park opened that they should have the train run around the perimeter. And thought about it each time we went to Stricker's Grove. It would cost untold millions now. And I guess would have to be elevated or underground past the entrance. And wow, had never thought about the direction the trains run in different places, but you are right as I think of several I have been on over the years. Wonder why that is. Stricker's is counter-clockwise, and so is the one at Columbus Zoo. They are, however, very small, so don't know if that should count in the equation. Big train at Stone Mountain is clockwise.
  11. I Am A Rider

    Major attraction leaving after this year.

    It is out of the way and people tend to stay in specific areas. My thought on the antique car return would be the cost of gas (they could probably figure out how to do electric) and the pollution it caused. Never could stand the exhaust smell and it traveled around. Usually once something is gone and people are used to the absence, it is difficult to bring back interest. I don't think it would thrive anywhere actually, not anymore. People tend to move on to other things. And they don't need to bring new rides every year. They could improve general things and get pretty much the same effect from my point of view. Would hate to see the tower garden area disappear as well. Barbecue place sounds like a plan; no way could I ever eat burritos at an amusement park. But no matter what they do, or don't do, you are right, Mr. Roberts. People will still complain.
  12. I Am A Rider

    The Butler County Fair in Hamilton, Ohio

    Well, that's nice to hear, Mr. Roberts. Bunch of the younger ones rode it; I did not. There was a very long line. Quite popular. They do have a lot of everything to offer, for sure. The food alone was worth the visit.
  13. I Am A Rider

    The Butler County Fair in Hamilton, Ohio

    That's too bad, Mr. Roberts. It looks good on video. Think I mentioned before we did go to Darke County fair once and it was about as good as State. Not quite, but still top notch. Saw on the news there were several shuttle accidents at Darke this year and they stopped running them and were using golf carts, but never heard any followup as to what caused the issues. Went to the Franklin County fair when we lived there decades ago. It was also very small but at the time, at least, it was a good fair and well run. We enjoyed it. They had a fun crash derby too, included with admission then. They ran out of seating space one year and were putting people who were willing on top of semi trailers. That was a terrific view and a good time. Ha, first time I'd though of that for about forty years.
  14. I Am A Rider

    The Butler County Fair in Hamilton, Ohio

    Fun to see, Mr. Roberts. Thank you for sharing. This looks like a well-cared for fairground and certainly a good crowd. It's surprising how many county fairs in Ohio date back to the 1800's. Guess there wasn't a lot to do back then. Maybe that's how they got started. Don't know if it's just Monday morning viewpoint but the cows and horses in this all seem to look depressed. Pigs and the goat look happy, though, as does the munching bunny and the curious fowl.
  15. I Am A Rider

    My day at Cedar Point

    Those are some interesting numbers, Mr. Roberts. Not what I would have thought either. But I understand the interest in the fire, even after all this time. And that Arcade looks a lot better than any others we've seen at least. You have quite a following. Good variety of subject matter and very good video. Hey, lot more interesting than cat videos. I've enjoyed all of them immensely.