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  1. Please explain how this may be making fun of dealths in coal mines? I really fail to see the connection and would like you to enlighten me.
  2. What would the lawsuits be as a result of? What would any insurance claims be a result of? What did the operators do that the riders did not completely expect? In what way was there a neglegent act?
  3. *** Actually it was called the Scooby Doo Coaster and no Ghoster was on that.
  4. Well, with the technology available these days, changes are relatively easy and all ya have to do is get it to the printer. Now prior to Paramount, Kings Island had it's own print shop. Not sure if they still do.
  5. Yeah, the Slide was actually chopped in half when it was moved from Coney Mall to HB. The Dodgems were actually moved to it's own free standing pavilion and the Eagles were moved as well.
  6. Coney Island was originally called Ohio Grove and called the Coney Island of the West. Later it was dropped to Coney Island and then Old Coney.
  7. Yeah, I knew that the Kings part came for Kings Mills. Kings Mills is an unincorporated village that was formed for the King Powder Company. The area was known as Gainsboro before that.
  8. Of course 1972 was the year that Kings Island Opened. 1975 was the year that Kings Dominion opened but it was done as part of Family Leisure Centers and Top Value Enterprises. In 1980 Kings Dominion was taken over by Taft Broadcasting. They then became a part of Canada's Wonderland. You're going to find that KECO was actually a result of an executive buy out in 1983. At that time KECO became responsible for management of Kings Island, Carowinds, Kings Dominion and Canada's Wonderland.
  9. WOW This Canobie guy is a real jerk. You seem to attack so many people and have nothing posetive to say regarding others opinions. It's obvious your mama never taught you manners.
  10. They actually look like the same footers that were used before. Even with the footers the lights sway a lot. But that kinda makes them look like they are shimmering. And by the way, I liked the Part Tree thing. I thought it was intentional.
  11. The Screamin Demon used to be part of Wild Animal Safari (Later Wild Animal Habitat/WAH) The King Cobra used to be there as well. So count it as two coasters.
  12. There is no rollercoaster better than the Beast! There is the Beast ....... And then there are all lesser bodies known as rollercoasters.
  13. It should be being set for "Home For The Holidays." If it's anything like the old show, it will be a great move for Paramount. Would be nice to see them actually taking pride and time with their live entertainment productions.
  14. LOL, the Beast will be a great coaster still even after we have come and gone. Anyone that does not think so simply does not have a clue.
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