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  1. I just watched the video and looked at the info on the ride, to me it looks really boring, just a upgrade from the swings by the racer. Yes, it is high but to me nothing else. Would of liked to see something else than this type of ride, maybe something similer to Ceder Point, something to break records like the Beast did when the park opened.
  2. Thanks everyone, Its was the Saturday evening when the freedom concert was there. I was wondering why they sent us to the lower deck because I've only been on the lower platform when it was raining like others have said. I didn't see or hear anyone on the top part and was just wondering. Also, as I was waiting to return to the ground in line I was wondering if anyone has had to use the stairs ether in a emergency (has there been any over the years?) or like maintence. Thanks again.
  3. Hello, I visited the park last week and went on top of the tower, Going down I realized that the past few years when I have went to the top of the tower I have only been on the lower part of the platform. My question is dose the "top" platform open anymore to the public? Thank you for your time.
  4. When I called last week I was told: Mon-Fri 4:00-8:00 Sat-Sun 11:00-7:00 Not sure about this Sunday because the park is closed to general public. Hope that helps.
  5. Is there anyone on this form that knows someone or works at Kigns Island that would know maybe?
  6. Hello all, I heard a few years ago while standing in line one night the people infront of our group talking about the old Sky Ride and when it broke down for under nine hours that Kings Island offered those people “life time” passes to the park. Dose anyone know if this is true? Anyone on here or know someone who took them and now has life time passes? I think that would be neat, and save you a lot of money over the years. Thanks.
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