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  1. The future of Son of Beast WILL affect the future of Flight Deck. If Son of Beast is permanently shut down this offseason, then Cedar Fair will start to improve the Action Zone as much as they can, and that could mean a new paint job and more themeing for Flight Deck. It could also mean a new, large attraction in the spot of Son of Beast. If Son of Beast is kept open until next year, then Cedar Fair might hold off on working on this section of the park and start to care about other areas. With that being said, I firmly believe that Son of Beast will be removed this season.
  2. Kings Island now has a hyper, and in my opinion, that will be the biggest ride we can expect to see until 2012. Cedar Fair is worrying about what to do with Son of Beast, and until something is done with it I doubt there will be any BIG roller coasters. In my opinion, Son of Beast will be taken out and replaced with a B&M or a GCI woodie.
  3. My predictions 1. SOB will be either removed or worked on further. 2. Planet Snoopy will do alright. I'm tired of people complaining about it. Cedar Fair isn't even doing it because they are trying to make everybody upset, they are probably doing it because of license issues. Paramount owned the right to use Nick, but something must have expired this year or something. 3. Diamondback will continue to grow as the most popular ride in the park. I don't see anything big happening in Kings Island for the next few years. They have problems to deal with on whether or not to remove SOB (although I think it will be removed). Plus, they were just given the special treatment of a new, major attraction. Cedar Fair is giving that treatment to Kings Island's sister park down south in 2010. First Post!
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