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  1. I started a RCT 3 Kings Island recreation a while ago. http://www.kiextreme.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=4712&st=0&p=59486&hl=kjkjkj&fromsearch=1entry59486 I plan to work on it a little this off season. If you find the thread about it on the KIC boards, it is more up to date Pretty good start on your recreation so far. It's a lot of work
  2. Good memories! hahaha. I find it interesting, that a lot of coaster enthusiasts were terrified to ride roller coasters for a long period in their life. Then suddenly a switch is flipped, and you can't get enough of them!
  3. I picked other because I am most looking forward to the park as a whole! The atmosphere, the rides, the hanging out with friends and family, the renovation of Coney Mall, Windseeker, Diamondback, The Beast, Eiffel Tower......Everything about Kings Island!!! I can't wait until April 30th!
  4. I'm starting this topic to bring some new life to KIExtreme. I am not going to start one exactly like it at the "other" site. I want to try and bring a good old Kings Island discussion over here! So post what your favorite memory that you have from Kings Island. You can post multiple memories if you want to, and if you have a picture to include with it, please do! One of my favorite Kings Island memories is when I first rode The Beast. I have TONS and TONS of great Kings Island memories, but this one stands out because it was the first time I rode my favorite roller coaster. It was a cold and chilly fall night. Probably about early October. I was 6, maybe 7 years old. At that time I was NOT a big fan of roller coasters (obviously that has changed over time :lol: ). My parents convinced me to ride The Beast! I was nervous getting in line, because all of The Beast that you can see from the station of the actual ride, is pretty much just the first hill. As we got farther and farther in line, I got even more anxious! This was going to be the last ride of the night. The QTV loop had already shut off, displaying the "Paramounts Kings Island is now closed" screen. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, it was finally our turn to ride. My dad and I stepped into our row, pulled down the lap bars, and after hearing an "All clear, you're outta here" our train left the station. Our train slowly crept up the lift hill, finally reaching the top. We plunged down into complete darkness. I couldn't see a thing back there! It was pitched black! Our train screamed through the woods. It felt as if our car was going to derail, yet we were safely in place at the same time! The first time I got off The Beast, I didn't have a clue what the layout was like. All I knew, was that I had a great time riding it! I would never be afraid to ride The Beast again! My first ride on the Beast, was a night ride, with the old skid breaks, on a crisp fall night. It is one ride I will never forget! Post your Kings Island memories!
  5. The park shouldn't have to make changes. The attractions are perfectly fine. People need to get their little panties out of a bunch, and stop being offended so easily. Is every redneck a cannibalistic maniac? No. Is every clown a clown bent on murder and insanity? No. Is every scarecrow going to jump out and "get you"? No. Is every butcher really a maniac bent on slaughtering people and selling their meat instead? No. Halloween Haunt is supposed to be a warped, creepy, nightmare. Not reality. They need to get over themselves
  6. This just made my day if it is true!
  7. Why does the fountain pool look brown? :blink: http://alt.coxnewsweb.com/cnishared/tools/...kiopening03.jpg
  8. I know people that rode the BBoBH at Carowinds. They all agreed that it is MUCH better than Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle. They all said it is a major improvement, and there are a few surprises to look forward to!
  9. BBoBH looks really good. It looks like Cedar Fair is actually putting money into it, and making it better looking than cheap wooden cut-outs. It seems like there will be quiet a few surprises that I've heard about! I can't wait! It definitely looks as good or better than Scooby
  10. I asked that question on 5@5 the other day, and they said it would be part of International Street, and would be included in the list of family attractions.
  11. Race for your life Charlie Brown wasn't a holiday one. It was just a PEANUTS special made in 1977. It fits well with the log flume because the story was that they went to a summer camp and they ended up in a boat race down the river. Race for Your Life Charlie Brown Wiki page
  12. That's a hard one. I love both, but I am going to go with Coffee. It's so good! Texting Vs. Calling
  13. Congrats guys! My photo was Photo #3. I think I ended up voting for Nick's Photo. Both were great pictures, I would just have rather saw something more "summerish" on the front page, since I am so sick of cold weather! hahah
  14. Photo #3 really captures the park's atmosphere on a beautiful sunny day. With puffy white clouds and clear blue sky in the backdrop. I think it's a great picture. Photo #5 Is an awesome angle, and looks really cool. It's an unusual shot, and I really like it. Photo #6 Is a really cool shot that not a lot of other people have. It makes Diamondback feel very secluded :D
  15. Alright cool, thanks. I can't wait to see all the great entries!
  16. When do we get to vote for the entries? Just curious, not trying to rush or anything.
  17. That's exactly what I was thinking! It's no wonder it had so many more riders. When it had the awesome more intense program, it was closed half the time!
  18. A LOT of us are minors in Trail of Terror. So there's a good chance someone was supposed to be there, but went on break.
  19. Hey, what time did you come through Trail of Terror? Did you jump at all in it?
  20. If you enjoy the movies, especially the first movie. Then you should read the book Jurrasic Park. It really goes into depth, a lot more than the movies do. The river adventure attraction IS built in the book, and is in a pretty big section of the book, where they are actually on the River Adventure attraction in Jurassic PArk.
  21. As much as I liked Nick in the parks, if they are leaving in Nick U, then they might as well leave the rest of the park. I feel like I've seen SBSP3D way too many times lol
  22. This is my first year being a Scareacter. I'm really excited and can't wait to start! I am in Trail of Terror.
  23. The steps left are probably...are they going to make modifications? What date will the ride reopen?
  24. Thanks. I'll move the arcade back next time I play. A lot of the other rides have custom signs too, you just can't see any of the other ones in the screen shots.
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