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  1. rsipus13

    Guess the Coaster

    and yes it was kingda ka ... wait for me / whoever posted it say that your correct
  2. rsipus13

    Guess the Coaster

    Rules are simple. Gotta be a roller coaster. First poster right wins. It can be any coaster past, present, or future. Try and make the post somewhat difficult, so it's fun and not too easy. ill start:
  3. rsipus13

    wierdest youmor you have herd

    just noticed but sorry for very bad spelling
  4. What is the funniest rumor you have ever heard, or the fakeest (most stupid)?
  5. rsipus13

    New Planet Snoopy Entrance Arch

    NEW SIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. rsipus13

    New for 2011?

    i think that planet snoopy will be there in 2010