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  1. So "Ride Sally Ride" would then mean "Get on your horse and get away from those snakes!". I could live with that. :P Looking forward to the announcement. B)
  2. ? I thought you said custom scenery was allowed. My entry is definitely not without it. :rolleyes:
  3. Interesting. I find it kind hard to believe that there were 32 incidents in Kentucky last year, though. Most of them couldn't have been very serious; either that or they all just happened at fairs and such. The state only has two major parks in SFKK and Beech Bend and the only thing I ever heard reported was of course the S:TOP incident. On another note, how do you find out about stories like this so fast, Interpreter? I like to read a lot of news on Kentucky Kingdom, but the only way I've figured to find stories is to search the local news sites every day. Is there an easier way? :unsure:
  4. I'll try. I started something, but it's only about halfway done.
  5. Interesting. Maybe I'll enter this contest. I haven't had a chance to play any RCT lately.
  6. Transformers: The Ride sounds like a film for attractions like KI's Action FX Theatre. That's what I think of when I hear "Transformers: The Ride" anyway. The ride concept you posted sounds cool too, though. Imagine if Paramount still owned all the parks and wasn't trying to get rid of them. There would be loads of Transformers attractions on their surveys. :lol:
  7. Hey, we are getting something at SFKK! I agree with the name not being the greatest, but a bowl is a nice addition to the waterpark and will definitely attract more guests. Another plus is that it's not a clone of the slides going into SFA or Great Escape (I'm thinking of the right park, right?) except in name. Hopefully I'll get a chance to go out and see this in the summertime. I am hoping that next year WILL BE a year for expanding the dry part of the park seeing as it hasn't happened since '03. They've gotten Tornado, Deluge, and now this in the last 5 years and the waterpark is so much nicer now, but a dry addition would be good to balance things out.
  8. Hmmm........I do like those colors on Wildfire, very rustic and perfect for Rivertown. The only thing I might change is maybe put a goldish color in there somewhere to give it a little unique twist.
  9. Art imitates life! :) So true. B) Great pics of your Crazy Castle park, TopGun. lol, you basically destroyed all the walls and left just the pillars, that's how packed it is in there. Wow, year 114! I don't think I've ever taken a park near that far.
  10. Yeah, it only gets longer and longer between updates. :rolleyes: Not that I really expect that to change. Actually this isn't really an update, but I've been getting a lot of inquiries about what's going on with this thing, so I figured I'd give you a view of what's going on. For the last few months I really haven't work on this thing at all 'cause it felt more like a job than something I was doing for fun. Honestly, I don't think it will ever really be finished because there isn't any time in the near future that I'll have more free time than I have now. Plus the park probably changes more rapidly than I can build, and once again, I'm not going to make this into a job so that I can complete things speedily. This doesn't mean I'll completely stop recreating KI altogether. I expect I'll still recreate rides and/or to the extent that I'm doing it for my own enjoyment. But I'm not making any specific promises. I will mention that I have done a significant amount of work on the Oktoberfest section that I would like to show sometime soon. Also, I have since gotten a better computer that runs RCT3 much faster now, so I can now run my AZ file much easier, and as a result I have just today filmed a POV of my SOB recreation. So in conclusion, yes I would like to continue this, but only to the extent that I'm still interested and that it doesn't affect the more important things I need to do, which I'm sure you all can understand. :)
  11. I still haven't been able to beat Crazy Castle on RCT2. It's a tough scenario. But I have to agree, playing with money is much more fun.
  12. Remember that we just got Firehawk this year - the first full year of CF operations, who can complain about that? Second of all, they have a large amount of debt to contend with, meaning not every park will get a huge expansion every year, especially just two years after the sale. I myself am not a huge fan of CF either; there are at least two other companies I would have rather seen purchase KI. But so far I don't think CF has done too badly. We should be glad KI was bought by an amusement park operator and not something like a residential developer, 'cause then there wouldn't be a park at all! Lastly, even though a set of flying scooters would not be a huge, awesome, new attraction, it would still be worth it in my opinion. Do you remember how families used to flock to that ride? It was one of the few attractions in Coney Mall that didn't have a large height restriction, and kids loved it. Also, wouldn't a set of scooters be better than no new ride, (which is what seems to be the most likely story at this point).
  13. Hopefully they'll come up with something better than the generic CF "flags instead of dots over the i's" logo. Way too much of a cookie cutter logo, IMO. Somehow I doubt they'll decide to change it though. :(
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