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  1. I thought that ride painting would be an in house item? Interesting!
  2. I hope everyone has/had a great holiday weekend!
  3. Yeah, I noticed the sun has not been to nice to him either. Maybe he is on next years list of paint jobs?
  4. I signed up yesterday. Got to give CincinnatiKid123 some competition! : )
  5. Hard to see the pics on my phone, but I think they have a great week to get started.
  6. I must say that I agree with you, but this is probably another money saving idea that most GP could care less about. Although, I have seen a KI commercial and then a CP commercial right behind it in the same air break and the commercials are almost identical and both say "The Fun and Only." If you are the GP I would think you would go "Wait a minute" especially if you were not privy of knowing they are owned by the same company.
  7. http://www.cedarpoint.com/ I like the old layout that we now have on the KI website better. That is just me.
  8. Some people don't understand as enthusiasts we love to look at the structures as well. SOB lover or hater, you still can't deny that the structure is amazing to look at.
  9. Kinzel interview back in 2007. They talk about KI starting at about 4:24. He did not seem to excited about the ride then either. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reCvhbS7DwE
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